29th birthday of Dilraba dilmurat, live stream with fans

Dilraba Dilmurat birthday
⟶ Dilraba dilmurat 29th birthday
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Fans are always excited about the birthdays of their favorite celebrities. The excitement doubles when the celebrities also decide to celebrate it with their fans. Chinese top actress Dilraba is not only sweet but also considerate towards her followers. On every birthday of Dilraba Dilmurat, she finds a unique way to celebrate the whole day with millions of followers.

Every year she spends her birthday with her fans. Last year was the exception due to Covid-19 in China. However, today on 3 June she is going to celebrate her 29th birthday. There was an announcement from her Weibo about a birthday Livestream. Let’s see how she manages to celebrate her birthday with thousands of followers.

Birthday of Dilraba Dilmurat, How she celebrates?

On her 27th birthday, there was a venue event held by Dilraba’s management. Thousands of fans attended it. She played games and danced with her followers. People who could not attend the event saw the live event images on her Weibo. She was very happy and shared a birthday message.

“This is the first time I spent my birthday with this many people. I want to thank all of the staff and my fans.”

On the other hand, her supporters all around the world do not stay behind to wish her. On her 28th birth anniversary due to Covid-19 there was no fans event. But it could not stop her followers from celebrating. Fans lightened 50 cities of China with 2055 LED Lightboxes. All the boxes had dilaraba’s pictures and best wishes on her birthday.

There were many supporters as considerate as their ideal. They held a children’s feast in schools of Yuan on the actress’s birth anniversary.

This time on her 29th birthday of Dilraba Dilmurat, she is also going to hold a Livestream party. Fans all around the world are eager to join. They are also ready to celebrate. According to sources, Thai fans have started a 29th birthday project. They have decorated lots of vehicles with dilraba’s poster. On her birth anniversary the vehicles will roam around the whole hongkong city.

Dilraba Dilmurat, fun facts and Dramas

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Dilraba Dimurat’s pictures from “love designer” and “sweet dreams”

Chinese actress Dilriba is the heartbeat of her thousands of admirers. However, very few international fans know that she belongs to the Turkish ethnicity. The actress is a Chinese Muslim and she has an Uyghur lineage. She was born in Xinjiang and learned to act in her native region. Usually, international followers compare her with Turk actresses. That is because of her features that contain Turkish glimpse.

She started her career as an actress in 2013 with a leading role in “Anarhan”. Later on, she went on with dancing, modelling and hosting career.

She received best performance awards on almost her every serial including the “hot girl”, “Diamond lovers”, “Pretty Li Huizhen”, “Eternal love”, and “The king’s woman”. However, she rose to overnight fame Internationally with her performance as a fox fairy in “Eternal Love”. Considering the huge fan’s demand there was a season 2 for the “Eternal love”; in 2020. Again the innocent and mischievous fox Goddess won hearts in season 2. As a result, there was a burst out of love and admiration from international followers.

Dilraba’s 2021 projects

Dilraba in the long ballad
Dilraba in the long ballad

Recently, the actress has given an outstanding performance in the long ballad. Her role as Le Changge had everything that a strong female lead must-have. Le Changge was bold, brave, rebellious and focused. The chemistry between Ashile Sun (Leo Wu) and Le Changge was also a hot topic among her followers. The long ballad remained the top-rated serial in 11 countries last month.

Upcoming dramas

As for the actress’s upcoming projects, she is going to take hold of the screen next month. Her new serial you are my glory will be aired next month, with Yang Yang as a leading role. Fans are eagerly awaiting this drama. Because Yang Yang’s charisma and Dilraba’s beauty will surely result in a magnificent main lead. Also she is filming on her upcoming serial the blue whisper starring Allen Ren.

On birthday of Dilraba Dilmurat we wish her a very glorious and happy life journey. Also if you are her fan, share your love and best wishes in the comments for her.

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