Dilip Kumar in breathing difficulty admitted to the hospital.

Dilip Kumar hospitalized
⟶ Dilip Kumar hospitalized
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Today in the early morning Legendary Indian actor Dilip Kumar is in breathing difficulty and admitted to the hospital. He was hospitalized in Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital on Sunday 6 May 2021 with a breathlessness issue. His manager also verified the actor’s illness from his verified Twitter account. His manager shared that the actor admitted to the non-Covid-19 ward. He went for a routine test and breathlessness problem.

Dilip Kumar's manager tweeted about his health
Dilip Kumar’s manager tweeted about his health

Dilip Kumar in breathing difficulty and current condition

A team of health professionals is taking care of him. However, team leader Dr. Nitin asked the public to pray for the actor’s safety. According to resources many specialist doctors are taking care of him. He is under the supervision of a team of senior doctors, Cardiologists, and Pulmonologist. They are currently taking good care of the actor, ‘s health. Previously, he went to the same hospital 2 months ago for routine checkups. But that time he discharged two days later safely.

Dilip Kumar in quarantine

According to himself, the 98 years old actor was self quarantined from the beginning of lockdown. Since the last year, Dilip and his wife Saira Bano are in isolation. It was a precautionary measure to stay safe from Covid-19. He also used to advise his fans to stay at home through his tweets.

However, soon after the actor was admitted to the hospital, Saira shared an audio message to fans. She assured the fans that the actor is fine due to god’s blessing and fans’ prayers. She is thankful to God and all who prayed for the actor’s health.

Dilip’s brothers died of Covid-19

According to resources, the actor’s two brothers Ehsan khan and Aslam Khan died of Covid-19. Both brothers were 90 and 88 years old respectively. They got good treatment from the renowned hospital. But they could not survive and died last year.

Dilip Kumar is a prominent and legendary actor of previous decades. He earned various awards for his performances in masterpieces of the decades. Some of his outstanding art performances include Kohinoor, Mughal-e-Azam, Shakti, and Ram Aur Shyam. However, these are just a few and there is a long list. He was last acted in the film Qila in the late 90s. Now Dilip Kumar is in breathing difficulty and we hope for his faster health recovery.

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