Dhoop ki Deewar, why Pakistani people want to ban it?

Ban on Dhoop ki Deewar
⟶ Ban on Dhoop ki Deewar
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Nowadays Twitter is exploding with thousands of hashtags asking for the ban on the web series “Dhoop ki deewar.” The Pakistani web series is written by the legendary writer Umera Ahmed. There are so many reasons that Pakistanis are against its release. The uproar against the serial began after its first trailer released. Let’s find out more about this web series. We will inform you why the public is against this serial and what Umera Ahmed has to say about it.

Ahad and Sajal in Dhoop ki Deewar

Pakistani top actors Ahad Raza Meer and Sajal Ali are starring in this series. It is the first project both actors are doing together after their marriage. The public was overall excited to see Sajal and Ahad in a serial together. However, the trailer was not what they expected. The web series will be streamed on ZEE5 from 25 June. ZEE5 is an Indian streaming service. Recently when they released the first trailer of Dhoop ki deewar, Pakistanis are not so pleased. The trailer depicted a story of a strike on the borderline of Kashmir. Now many people from Pakistan are condemning Ahad and Sajal for playing an unethical role.

Dhoop ki Deewar storyline and criticism

It’s a story of an Indian and a Pakistani family. During the strike soldiers of both countries got killed by each other. A Pakistani soldier who died has a daughter Sara (Sajal Ali). On the other hand, an Indian soldier left behind a son named Vishal (Ahad Raza Meer). The army strike stopped but then a media war started blaming each other’s country for the deaths. The media of both countries invited Sara and Vishal (children of deceased soldiers) to the talk show for a debate. A heated argument between the two on talk show ended with so many insultings and blaming. However, after winding up the show both regretted their misbehaviour. So they contacted each other to lessen the grievance. However, they ended up falling in love.

The story seems romantic but not for so many people. Many social media condemned that how the children whose father were murdered by each other can fall in love? People called this cold-bloodedness rather than romance. The characters are oversimplifying the enmity between countries. Many people said that the story is against the two-nation theory. It is unrealistic how the serial is focusing on the people of Pakistan and India living together happily. If it would be possible why so many people died in the name of independence? Many Twitter users stated that Umera Ahmed has belittled the sacrifices of our people and army.

The negative portrayal of Kashmir

The region of the battlefield was Kashmir. It was giving a notion that the Kashmir issue is causing disturbance between countries. Social media users criticized that the people of Kashmir are getting killed. They are facing brutality for a wish to be a part of Pakistan. It is their humiliation by telling people that Kashmir is the cause of the disturbance. Kashmir is not a cause but the consequence of disturbance created by dirty politics between countries. In between, who suffered the most are Kashmiris. People claimed that umera Ahmed dishonored the sacrifices of the Kashmiri people by portraying the region as a cause of peace disturbance.

People on social media asking for ban on Dhoop ki Deewar
People on social media asking for ban on Dhoop ki Deewar

Although there are so many positive things in the series. The way characters are portraying their emotions is worth watching. They are giving us a message that on both sides lives are precious. There is some pain and grief on both sides for the families who lose their loved ones. The strikes and cold wars should end, but not at the cost of Kashmir. Because the lives of people living in Kashmir are equally precious.

Umera Ahmed replying to criticism

In all this scenario, the writer of the story Umera is the one who is facing the most criticism. Pakistani people are also blaming her for producing content for India and making money. However, she has replied to all the critics in a long note answering every objection. According to the writer, she holds the same sentiments and views as other Pakistani people for Kashmiris. She believes that Kashmir should be free and united nations should resolve the matter. On her Instagram she posted that:

“Dhoop ki Deewar is not about the Kashmir crisis. And if it mentions Kashmir, it is by location. Most of our soldiers of both countries are fighting each other along this Line of Control.”

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She also claimed that she had written her four projects in 2019 for a Pakistani content company. The company sold two of the projects including “ak jhooti love story” and “Dhup ki deewar” to ZEE5. She did not make any additional money out of it. Also, she told the public about her meeting with ISPR. And he had no objections on the serial. The writer assured that she has asked the production company to re-evaluate the scenes and edit the objectionable content. According to her, the serial will be stream internationally as well as in Pakistan.

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