Sindh: Corona Variant Delta caused Lockdown in Karachi

Breaking News: Corona Variant Delta in Karachi caused lockdown
⟶ Corona Variant Delta in Karachi caused lockdown
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HUGE News for the people of Karachi. On 30 July, Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah announced the imposing of restrictions on free movement in the whole Sindh. Out of 4500 cases in Pakistan, 3000 were from Sindh. Karachi is witnessing a surge in cases more than any other city in Pakistan at the moment. Coronavirus Delta variant caused the lockdown in Karachi till 8 August. The reason is delta uncontrolled spread infecting thousands.

Murad Ali Shah said this is a partial lockdown. The complete lockdown was imposed on 20 March last year. Which areas of Karachi are affected by the Corona delta variant, which business can remain open during this lockdown, what does lockdown notification say, and why the delta covid variant is spreading fast? Stick with us as we answer all of your questions.

Karachi is the Centre of attention due to delta covid spread in Sindh:

Sindh Government has issued Lockdown Notification 2021. The government has decided to impose a lockdown in the province for 9 days from 31 July to 8 August. The reason for this is the fast spreading of the Indian Delta covid variant in Karachi. People are unhappy with this decision, especially the Business community. Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah said the restriction of movement is necessary to stop the virus spread. However, it is not a complete lockdown but a partial one in Karachi, Sindh.

This Decision was reached during Provincial Coronavirus Task Force Meeting. CM of Sindh presided over this meeting.

Check out the update on Lockdown notification in Sindh:

1) There will be a ban on Inter-city traveling within the province.

2) Government also announced lockdown timing in Karachi. All businesses and Markets will remain close for nine days. However, essentials like grocery stores, pharmacies will remain open from 6 am to 6 pm.

3) No takeaway is allowed. Restaurants are allowed only to deliver food to people.

4) All the exams in these nine days of lockdown are canceled.

5) Those people who will roam on roads have to show vaccination cards.

6) All the vaccination centers will remain open.

7) Businesses related to exports will remain open during these days.

Variant Delta caused Lockdown in Karachi, Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah announced:

Murad Ali Shah said Sindh has effectively tackled the first three waves of coronavirus better than other provinces. Now the fourth wave is here and it is deadly than ever. Delta variant is the main cause of concern.

Karachi is the most affected city due to Delta. The lockdown decision in Sindh is more like Lockdown Notification in Karachi.

Murad Ali Shah said that Just a month ago on 29 June, daily cases were 500. Now on 29 July, we have reported 3000 cases in Sindh.

How to reduce Delta variant cases in Karachi which caused lockdown? Murad Ali Shah answered:

In response to a big question about controlling the spread, Sindh CM said the reduction in cases depends on people. He said it is people’s responsibility to follow the precautions and answered:

1) Follow Social distancing guidelines. Maintain 6 feet distance from others.

2) Use a mask whenever in public or outside.

3) Lockdown.

4) Improving health facilities to treat people.

5) Above all, Vaccination. Without vaccination, coronavirus cannot be curbed.

He said in Karachi, Small transport will remain operational. He gave the reason that the people have to ride these to get to the vaccination centers. Otherwise, they will face difficulties.

Murad Ali Shah further proposed that we must set up vaccination centers In Masjids and Imam bargahs. He requested Ulemas and religious leaders to play a positive role regarding vaccines.

NCOC on Sindh [ Esp. Karachi ] Lockdown dates, timing and Notification:

Murad Ali Shah said after the task force meeting, he had a chat with NCOC Chairman Asad Umer. He said that the Sindh government has informed NCOC Chairman Asad Umer of meeting details. Moreover, they also informed the lockdown decision to Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Faisal Sultan. Both Asad Umer and Dr. Faisal Sultan assured co-operation with the provincial government. Shah claimed that the Federal government and NCOC have offered their support in lockdown and to implement SoPs during this time.

However, the federal government and NCOC are not in favor of complete or strict lockdown. Some factors in the federal government don’t want lockdown.

Murad Ali Shah said this is a partial lockdown. We imposed a Complete lockdown on 20 March 2020.

  • Essential businesses, small transports, and food stores will stay open till 6 pm only from 31 July to 8 August.

Sindh Health Department also said The covid Variant Delta caused Lockdown in Karachi is partial in nature. It is necessary to keep the infection rate in check. Moreover, it is also advised to people to keep themselves updated. They must keep checking the lockdown update or about the delta update “today”.

Update about Karachi Lockdown 2021:

When Karachi Lockdown news got out, Murad Ali Shah clarifies some misconceptions. Although this “partial” lockdown is placed on the whole of Sindh, Karachi is the main focus of authorities. So, the people of Karachi have to follow guidelines issued by the provincial government. Sindh CM said the restriction on movement is necessary because we cannot hold the burden of huge patients influx. Shah said our hospitals are choking from coronavirus patients. If this delta strain continues to spread like this, we won’t have any more beds in the hospitals.

He further said following SOPs can reduce the patients’ influx. People must take precautions during these nine days or else we will have to increase lockdown days.

Why covid is spreading fast in Sindh & How Variant Delta in Karachi caused Lockdown in a short time?

Delta covid variant spreads faster than any other coronavirus variant. It is twice more deadly as the virus which emerged from Wuhan. Moreover, its mortality rate is also high. It infects people at a rapid rate which is a main cause of concern.

Coronavirus Delta variant which is spreading twice as fast as any other variant in Karachi
This is an image of the Delta virus which is spreading twice as fast as any other variant in Karachi and has caused the lockdown.

Delta variant is affecting the whole world. In Pakistan, Karachi is the most affected city. Thousands of patients are being admitted to hospitals due to this daily. But why Karachi is the most affected region? Murad Ali Shah explained:

People did not follow SOPs before Eid, during Eid, and after Eid. He said people did not follow any SOPs when they went out to buy animals. They roamed freely without precautions in Mandi and sacrificial sites. This was the start of the virus’s spread. Furthermore, the population of Karachi allows Delta to spread.

When Sacrificing animals, people did not follow any SOPs as well. After Eid, People went out for a picnic or to meet their relatives and friends. This after Eid negligence causes a spike in coronavirus cases.

People in Karachi ignored SOPs guidelines after Eid. Now, the Indian variant is spreading at a rapid pace. It is getting out of control and health experts are worried. The Karachi areas most affected by the Delta variant are Korangi, East District, South, and Malir districts. These are the lockdown areas in Karachi from today to 9 August. Strict restrictions are imposed there.

Which Businesses will remain close due to lockdown:

Murad Ali further said Retail businesses are not allowed to remain open. In addition to this, any other business that keeps people indoors will remain close.

Moreover, all government offices except the essential ones like water, electricity, gas, etc will remain close. The grocery stores, vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, bakeries, and meat shops will remain open.

The business community rejected this lockdown notification. They said we won’t be able to pay wages to the workers. They gave the reason that the business is already in decline and this decision will worsen the situation. One businessman in an interview with Shahzaib Khanzada on Geo News said at least 50 billion rupees loss will occur due to this ban on business activities.

CM Sindh said that he urged both political parties and communities to respect the decision. He said let’s take other occasions to argue with each other and co-operate on this serious covid surge matter.

Karachi Lockdown due to Delta | Lockdown orders Issued By Sindh Home Department:

Sindh Home Department issued Lockdown Notification in Sindh and especially Karachi. Lockdown Notification by Sindh Home Department had some directions. It contains both restrictions and exceptions:

Restrictions in the notification:

1) No one can come to any public place without any valid reason.

2) No employee over the age of 55 can work in the office or any other place.

3) Grocery stores, meat shops, fruits, and vegetable vendors can carry their businesses from 6 am to 6 pm.

4) Pillion riding on a Motorcycle is strictly not allowed. In a car, only two persons are allowed. A third person can also sit if the reason is “emergency.”

Exemptions in this notification:

1) If there is an extreme emergency, a person can go outside.

2) Staff members of hospitals, labs, and medical stores can go in public.

3) Individuals in need of medical care can go outside. If an attendant is necessary, then it is also allowed.

4) Persons going for vaccinations can move freely with masks on.

5) Unavoidable religious rites such as burial, funeral, etc is exemption. However, SOPs must be followed and the SHO of that particular area must be informed.

6) Cellular companies’ staff members going for maintenance.

7) Municipal services are also an exemption.

8) Banks with limited staff.

9) Home delivery only if that person is vaccinated.

Vaccination cards to be checked in Karachi:

CM Sindh said Vaccination cards will be checked of those who are found roaming on the streets. He said I don’t want to cause any tension but those without vaccination cards will be dealt with accordingly. Security officials will keenly keep eyes on people on the streets.

Police will deal with people roaming freely on streets amidst the ban on unnecessary movement
Police and other security officials will deal with those people roaming freely on the streets amidst the ban on unnecessary movement on Murad Ali Shah’s orders

Moreover, after 31 August, unvaccinated government employees will not receive their salaries. Vaccination is necessary to get any salary.

Pakistan is reporting more than 4500 cases on 30 July, the highest ever since 30th April. So, drastic measures are necessary to make people vaccinate themselves.

To Sum up, the situation in Karachi is getting worse. Corona Variant Delta caused lockdown in Karachi from 31 July to 8 August. More than half of covid patients in Pakistan are from Sindh. To stop the virus spread, the Sindh government has announced a ban on all non-essential activities. Moreover, the government is emphasizing vaccination amidst the ban. Will the lockdown be able to stop the covid surge? Only Time Will Tell. Till then, stay home and stay safe and keep in touch with NaeTaze for all the covid related news.

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