Defence Day Schools Activities 2021 | 6th September

Defence Day Schools Activities 2021 | 6th September
⟶ Defence Day Schools Activities 2021 | 6th September
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Since the 6th of September 1965, Defence Day is celebrated in Pakistan. Students perform activities in schools on the occasion. Through these activities, students are provided with a lot of information about defence day. Teachers encourage the students to love their homeland. The teachers also brief the students about the history of Pakistan. So that the new generation may know how many sacrifices their ancestors have made to protect their homeland. Are you a teacher? And are you looking for Defence Day Schools Activities 2021? Well, read this complete article to find suitable schools activities.

How can Teachers Brief Students about Defence Day?

Pre-school and primary school children are very young. So teachers should tell children about the defence day in simple as well as easy words.

“Dear children! Do you know why we celebrate Defence Day on September 6? Let me tell you why we celebrate defence day on the 6th of September. On September 6, 1965, Indian troops suddenly invaded our country. And the target of that attack was Pakistani Punjab. The brave Pakistani soldiers fought bravely against the enemy.

The war was ended with the support of the UN, but many people of both countries lost their lives in the war. Many of our soldiers were martyred while defending their country. To pay tribute to these martyrs, we celebrate defence day on the 6th of September every year. On this day, a guard change ceremony is held at Mazar-e-Quaid. Various programs are performed, national and motivational songs are sung and tributes are paid to the martyrs.”

In the end, you can deliver a message about patriotism to the students and also motivate them to serve and love their country.

Defence Day Activities for Pre-School Children:

Teachers can conduct drawing and paper pasting activities for pre-school children on defence day. Give students the task of drawing a plane, Pakistani flag, moon, star and colouring them. Teachers must appreciate the students at the end of the activity. Secondly, young children learn more by watching. You can make flashcards with pictures of martyrs and also write the names of martyrs on these flashcards. In this way, children will be able to remember the names of martyrs. Through these activities, they will be able to know about Pakistani martyrs.

Pakistan Defence Day School Activities
Pakistan Defence Day School Activities

Defence Day Activities for Primary School Students | Defence Day Schools Activities

On the occasion of defence day, students are very enthusiastic and also participate in activities to express their love for their country. The teachers can prepare students for tableaus about martyrs as well as national heroes. Teachers can conduct a competition of national songs. Also, children can perform national songs.

Teachers can also arrange speech competitions as well as permit students to put on costumes according to the defence day. Boys can wear costumes similar to uniform of Pakistan armed forces. Also, teachers can conduct parade practices in the playgrounds. Students can perform a play through which they can pay tribute to the martyrs.

Pakistan Defence Day School Activities
Pakistan Defence Day School Activities

Defence Day Activities for Middle & High School Students:

For high and higher secondary schools students, teachers can conduct the following Defence Day Schools Activities and competitions.

  • Speech Competitions
  • Essay Writing Competitions
  • Art Competitions
  • National Anthem Competitions
  • Tableaus Competitions

Teachers can also assign the task to the individual students to draw a picture of national heroes or martyrs. And ask the students to come on stage and give a presentation on this drawing. Through this activity, students will also do a search about the national heroes and martyrs. This search-based activity will increase their knowledge.

Pakistan Defence Day School Activities
Pakistan Defence Day School Activities

We hope these Defence Day Schools Activities will prove beneficial for you. Teachers should pay special attention on such national ocassions and also should propose activities regarding these occassions. The national days provide a great opportunity for the teachers to throw light on the history of Pakistan as well as brief students about national days.

So that new generation may know about the significance of these national days and know the value of independence. Students can seek great motivation from the lives of the national heroes. Teachers are the nation builders and they can build a great level of motivation and patriotism among their students.

May Allah Almighty keep Pakistan stand till the day of the judgment. Amen!

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