Breaking news | Dead body of Ali Sadpara found in mountains

Dead body of Ali Sadpara found
⟶ Dead body of Ali Sad Para found in K2
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According to the recent update from camp 4 Madison mountaineering expedition tracks has found Dead body of Ali Sadpara. His body was below 300m from bottleneck k2. A bottleneck is a place of the narrow route alongside the highest mountain K2. A media spokesperson has also confirmed the news.

In February the climber Ali Sadpara was lost in the mountain of K2. His two companions were also lost with him. One was a tourist from Iceland named Juan Pablo. Another was Prieto from Chile. After a long search for three climbers, teams finally gave up. They were last seen on the way of Bottleneck by Sajid Sadpara.

A few days ago the son of Ali Sadpara announced on Twitter that they have started searching for the dead body of his father again. He was hopeful that the teams will be able to find him.

Said Sadpara announced the operation to find the dead body of his father Ali Sadpara

Mission Sadpara

Luckily right after two days, the teams have found the dead bodies. He is and will always remain the legend who has inspired a lot of climbers nationally and internationally.

Today Sajid Sadpara went for the search along with Saikaly and Sherpa. They took the help of a drone that flew in the area where climbers were lost. Finally, the team detected some bodies. First, they found the dead body of John Snorri wearing a yellow jacket. After that, they found the two other dead bodies of Sadpara and his other companion. Since then army and government are fully attentive to the rescue mission of their bodies. Army teams and helicopters are also there to dig out the bodies in fine condition.

We hope that the Government of Pakistan will perform his last rites with full national honors.

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