Daughter of Afghan Envoy Kidnapped and Injured in Pakistan

Daughter of Afghan Ambassador kidnapped and Tortured in Pakistan
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Pakistan is once again in the News. This time it is not for terrorism or anything related to FATF. On 16 July, the Daughter of the Afghan envoy was kidnapped and injured in the country’s capital Islamabad and was held for 5 hours. Not only that, she was tortured with ropes. When the news got out, Pakistan had to answer the tough questions related to the matter. This was huge news that was highlighted by international media as well. What’s the story of abduction and how Pakistan is tackling this situation? Stick with NaeTaze to know.

The abduction of the daughter of Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Islamabad quickly alerted the authorities. She remained in abduction for almost 5 hours and was then released by the kidnappers. According to the Hospital Report, Silsila Alikhil, the daughter of the Afghan Ambassador, has rope marks on her body. She was riding a rented vehicle.

No details regarding this matter have been revealed to the public. This surely is a disturbing incident and has international implications. International law stated that there must be protection for the diplomates and their families. So, when an attack happens to any diplomat, it is reported everywhere in the world. Security has been tightened for Mr. Alikhil (The Afghan Ambassador) and his family.

As of yet, no culprits have been arrested for Kidnapping. According to Interior Ministry, CCTV footage of Safe City is under use to locate the culprits.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan on Abduction of Afghan Envoy’s Daughter:

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned this heinous act. Realizing the seriousness of this matter, He has ordered to treat this matter as a Top Priority. Hence, there must be no relief for the culprits.

Imran Khan has ordered to resolve the abduction issue of Afghan ambassador's daughter and upheld international law of protection of diplomats and their families.
Imran Khan has ordered to resolve the abduction issue of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter and upheld international law of protection of diplomats and their families.

The 26-year-old remained in unfortunate abduction for 5 hours before she could reach out for any help. She was thrown on the road unconscious by the kidnappers. From there, she reached a hospital. Realizing the intensity of the matter, the hospital alerted the authorities. Then Authorities shifted her to PIMS hospital. Silsila Alikhil is under medical care now in the hospital.

Afghan Authorities summoned Pakistan’s envoy to Kabul and lodged a formal complaint of this matter. On this unfortunate incident, the Afghan Foreign Ministry remarked that the daughter of the Afghan envoy kidnapped and tortured by unknown men is inhumane. She was on her way home before the unfortunate incident. Moreover, She has swelling and rope marks on her wrists, ankles and swelling in the brain’s rear occipital region.

How did Daugter of Afghan Envoy got kidnapped?

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on the Kidnapping of the envoy’s daughter stated some details.

According to Geo News, Silsila Alikhil left her home on foot and arrived at a market.

Then She took a taxi to Khadda market for some shopping.

From Khadda market, she took another taxi to Rawalpindi

Then, She took another taxi to arrive at daman-e-Koh. ( This is the suspicious one).

Sheikh Rasheed said the only gap we are facing in the investigation is how she arrived at Daman-e-Koh. She could have gone to F6 but chose to go to F9. Investigator interviewed both the second Taxi driver and the Third Taxi driver. But still, the dots aren’t connecting. Sheikh Rasheed is positive that in a short time, a breakthrough is going to happen. Moreover, he has also assured that the Culprits will be behind the bars within 48 hours. The government registered an FIR of this incident at 2 am.

According to the Dawn, Driver picked up another man in the vehicle. As a result, Silsila Alikhil rightfully protested. Then this man verbally abused her and then physically tortured her. Let’s see how the investigating team reports this incident’s story.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are face to face on the kidnapping of daughter of Afghan’s envoy:

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has accused India of highlighting this matter extensively and maligning Pakistan’s image. India was looking for this opportunity to malign Pakistan for a long time. So, the opportunity is here now and India isn’t letting it go.

Afghanistan is demanding more protection for its diplomats and their families.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are accusing each other over terrorist camps. Pakistan is accusing Afghanistan of providing safe harbors to terrorists and allowing India to launch terrorists from there on Pakistani soil. Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of Taliban backing. According to Afghan officials, Thousands of Mujahideen enter Afghanistan from Pakistan. This blame game is never-ending. On top of that, The News” Daughter of Afghan envoy kidnapped” will sour the relations even more

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