Daud Kim Performed Umrah, Said Himself a Luckiest Person

Daud Kim Performed Umrah, Said Himself a Luckiest Person
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Famous South Korean pop singer, YouTuber Daud Kim, performed Umrah for the first time since he accepted Islam in 2019. Daud Kim had often shared his intention to visit the holy cities Makkah and Madina. Finally, his wish came true this month, in April 2022. Formerly the famous South Korean pop band singer was recognized as Jay Kim.

After accepting Islam, he changed his name from Jay Kim to Daud Kim. He called himself the Luckiest Person as he got the opportunity to visit Kaaba by the endorsement of Allah Almighty. Are you curious to know about the altering threshold of your favorite famous Kpop singer Daud Kim? In this post, I’ve written all the details about Daud Kim, so read it till the end.

Daud Kim Performed Umrah

Standing in front of the Holy Kaaba, Daud Kim posted a picture of himself with the following caption:

“Finally I came to Makkah. I am the luckiest person because Allah (SWT) chose me and He brought me here. Masha Allah. Being grateful for the opportunity, he further added how he prayed for the entire Muslim community. “Thanks to Allah, thanks for giving me the chance to come to the holiest city in the world. I prayed for all the Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah forgive our sins. May Allah accept our Duas. Ramadan Mubarak, ماشاءاللہ.”

As if we go to the past, we see Duad Kim’s announcement on social media to change his religion. In 2020, Duad Kim formerly known as Jay Kim announced on social media to accept Islam after being impressed by the religion. This shows how beautiful, charming, caring, protective, and rightful Islam is! Non-Muslims are impressed by this religion by reading its pedagogy that was given 1400 years ago but is valid for the era of every human being. Daud Kim posted how he transformed to Islam, and which aspects of Islam impressed him over time. Now finally, he got the opportunity to visit Kaaba for Umrah in Ramadan. How the Luckiest Person He is!

Duad Kim Biography

Name Duad Kim

Birthday January 9, 1992

Former Name Jay Kim

Country South Korea

Career Youtuber

Daud Kim

Daud Kim’s Net Worth

Daud is one of the richest YouTube Stars. According to the estimation, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Daud Kim’s net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

Childhood & Career

Duad Kim the famous Kpop singer and youtube star was born on January 9, 1992, in South Korea. He had his first introduction to Islam during the Nine-Eleven incident when he was just eight years old. Electronic media and other non-Muslims arose propaganda on Islam by showing it as the worst religion. This implied a negative impact of Islam on youngster Jay Kim.

Daud Kim thought Islam a dangerous religion in the world. Since his childhood, he was interested in music and he used to participate in different music festivals. With time, he gained fame as a kpop singer. Once he visited Indonesia for a music concert where he got much more love and respect from his Muslim fans. He was impressed by their love and he directed to think more about Islam rather than its past portrayal after the 11/9 incident.

Facts & Trivia

In 2013, he started his Youtube channel where he posted his lifestyle videos. He got prominence through Youtube vlogging. Currently, he has 3.32 Million followers on Youtube. His jaehan9192 Instagram account has grown to 673k followers. Moreover, his Twitter account jaehan9192 has 10.7k followers. He also shared his recent photographs on his Twitter account as well.

Later he lost his peace of mind and by chance, he met with many Muslim scholars. His channel provided him with an opportunity to learn Islam. Through his Youtube channel, he came to a close with many Muslims, the actual ones, not the ones the media shows. He started learning more and more about Islam. Lately confessed that he felt a special connection with Islam that he never felt before. Once in a youtube video, he said:

“I thought Life is a competition. And only surviving the competition is a success. I thought I have to fight and win. But they (Muslims) were distinct. They always help others. And they were always grateful for what was given to them. This impressed me a lot. Their attitude towards life.”

~Duad Kim

Daud began to learn the Quran. He was curious to research about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to know more about Islam. He also practiced going to the mosque. With the endorsement of Allah Almighty, he got the chance to learn more and more about Islam. He gained faith in Allah who is the creator of the universe and who counsels humanity. He started learning new things every day about Islam. He also showed positive aspects of Islam and Muslims to the world. Maybe, Allah loved his efforts & kind heart that’s why he directed him to the right path.

Entrance to Islam

Since having a deep wish to enter Islam, he hesitated to do so. He faced opposition from his family and also he thought that he was not prepared well to enter Islam. But with time he recognized these are just lame justifications. Then he believed that Allah will lead him to the right way as He directed him here. Soon he embraced Islam and tried to be a good Muslim. Lately, his wife also accepted Islam. He used to share his vlogs on Youtube with his followers. Recently, he has performed Umrah with the endorsement of Allah Almighty. He found himself the luckiest person whom Allah (SWT) gave the opportunity to visit the holiest cities Kaaba and Madina.

May Allah show his mercy on Duad Kim and his family in this world and the Next, Ameen! May Allah lead all the Muslims to the right path (صراط مستقیم) as he showed his mercy on our ancestors. May Allah give us the opportunity to visit the holiest cities Kaaba and Madina, Ameen!

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