D-Day | the largest military assault in the history of the world

Brief history of D-Day
⟶ Troops from the Allied nations paticipating in the D-Day invasion line up in formation during a ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary celebration of D-Day, the invasion of Europe.
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This year marks the 77th anniversary of D-Day. When France and Western Europe were freed from Nazi control. Hence, this put an end to the German Rule. The people commemorated D-Day’s sacrifices amid the pandemic. However, corona restricted the majority from attending the event in Normandy.

The D-Day lasted for about two months three weeks and three days. it started on 6 June 1944 and continued till 30th August. The 172.5 acres have the remains of about 9,388 people dead.

The citizens mourned at the casualties caused by extensive naval and aerial bombardments 77 years ago. However, the largest seaborne invasion began the liberation of France. Therefore, leading to the victory of Western Front.

What happened at the D-Day

On June 6, 1944, the US, Canada, France, and the UK sent thousands of troops on the Normandy coastline. The targeted coastlie was 80km long. The five stretches were code-named Gold, Juno, Utah, Omaha, and Sword beaches. The amphibious landings were to bomb the German defenses.

Allied divisions landed on the five beaches on 6th June. However, they had to land on 5th June but the stormy weather conditions caused a 24 hours delay. The British forces landed on Gold and Sword beaches. Whereas, Juno beach was assigned to the Canadians. The US troops landed at the Utah and Omaha beach covering the northern end of the Normandy coast.

the map of D-Day landings.
Map of the D-Day landing

Except for the US troops, everyone experienced an initially successful landing. At Omaha beach, the US militants faced significant losses. Therefore, it caused hindrances and obstacles in the invasion strategy. Firings from the German, which were not tackled by the allies, caused many casualties.

The allies did not achieve their targeted goals on the first day. Therefore, the game was on the German side. Only Gold and Juno were connected on the first day. However, the allies expanded and connected in the upcoming months. 77 days later, the allies took total control of Normandy. Hence they moved and liberated Paris in August 1944.

Seven thousand ships participated in the attack. Among them, there were 1213 warships and 4,127 landing crafts. Approximately 132,000 military men landed on the beaches. Around 9000 allied troops went missing and were wounded. Four thousand four hundred fourteen allied troops died at the spot. The German casualties varied between 4000 and 9000.

We can not deny the importance of this event. It took a lot of lives to eradicate German rule during World war II. War cemetery at Normandy attracts thousands of people. Tourists become a guest at the museums and memorials.

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