Cruella! Revealing the kind-hearted hidden behind Evil.

Cruella! Revealing the kind-hearted hidden behind Evil.
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Cruelty is never a choice it’s the consequence of no choice. Our most hated villain Cruella aka Estella is coming to explain this stance. Everyone has a backstory that makes them who they are. The same goes with the villains. In “101 Dalmatians” and The “one hundred” we know the only cruel side of Estella. We have seen her kidnapping and killing the puppies in previous versions. She used to skin those puppies to make fur. Everyone hated her character wholeheartedly. However, this time Estella is here to show you another side that was kind and naive.

Where Cruella is available to enjoy?

You can enjoy it on Disney plus. However, you will need to pay 29.99 dollars extra to 6.99 monthly streaming. This 2 hours and 14 minutes movie is streaming since 28th May 2021.


If you don’t want any spoilers you can skip this part. However, here is just a little background of the story. In this movie, you will meet a pre-Cruella. Her only will is to take revenge on her mother. Estella’s mother was accidentally died by Dalmatians. She wants to revenge on her mother but as an orphan can do nothing. Luckily, she got a job in a big department store. But luck is not long-lasting.

Baroness VS Cruella
Baroness VS Estella

The story began when she met the store’s main vendor and fashion designer Baroness. This staff abusing vendor soon got to Estella’s nerve. She started learning the true nature of Baroness when she stole Estella’s glory and abused her. That was the time when our heroine began to transform into evil. She swore to destroy the Baroness. And for that reason, she was willing to do everything. She aimed in a top fashionista position to achieve her revenge goal. Her extraordinary fashion designing skills help her to disguise herself and commit crimes. Although we have revealed enough, you will still need to enjoy it to see the graceful act of Emma stone as Estella.

Emma Stone as Estella

The role of Estella is played by Emma Stone. Everyone is admiring the way she is carrying the costume and fashion of the 1970s. She is looking stunning with half white and half black hairs with a bold makeover. As for the acting, you will know it after enjoying her playing the role.

Cruella Reviews

The storyline of this movie is less similar to its animated version. However, we can more relate it to Maleficent because of Villian’s backstory trend. In the recent version, Estella is not represented as an evil who commit puppycide or have psychological complexity. In contrast, you will meet a naive, impatient and rebel girl. That girl is not willing to be ruled by others if the cost is turning herself aside. You can call her a pre-Cruella. Even if you don’t want to sympathise with a puppy killer, her pathetic story will make you feel her.

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