Cristiano Ronaldo’s rejection of Coca-Cola: Why it’s Trending!

Cristiano Ronaldo's rejection of Coca-Cola- Here is why it is trending
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Before Portugal’s first match, a Press conference was held in Budapest. Portugal Captain Cristiano Ronaldo attended the Press conference. Now the news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s rejection of Coca-Cola is trending.

In footage uploaded by Tribune Sports on Twitter, Ronaldo can be seen snubbing two Coca-Cola drinks. He didn’t stop there. He further said Agua (a Portuguese word for water). Ronaldo was telling the world to choose Water instead of carbonated drinks.

This rejection of drinks caused the Market share price of Coca-Cola to be dropped by 1.6 percent. Those who know share-trading know that this is not a small drop. The company’s share dropped from 56.10 dollars to 55.2 dollars.

This Ronaldo’s gesture did not stop him from a match-winning performance against Hungary after that press conference. Portugal defeated Hungary 3-0 in the Group F opener. Ronaldo scored two goals in this match and declared Man of the match. Not only that, these goals have made Ronaldo all-time leading scorer in the European championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s image during game
Cristiano Ronaldo’s rejection of main Sponsor Coca-Cola didn’t stop him to achieve a landmark.

Both Portugal and Hungary are in Group F. Other two teams in “Group F” are France and Germany. All 4 teams are very dangerous. That is why fans are calling this group “Death Group.”

How Coca Cola responded to Cristiano Ronaldo’s rejection:

Coca-Cola responded, “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences and that each individual has different tastes and needs.”

However, the drink giant’s response wasn’t good enough to maintain its market value. Shortly after Ronaldo’s gesture, the company’s share dropped from 56.10 dollars to 55.2 dollars. Coca-Cola’s market value dropped from 242 Billion dollars to 238 Billion Dollars. A 4-Billion-dollar loss is a significant loss, and to think it happened just because Ronaldo chose “Agua” instead of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is one of the main sponsors of UEFA Euro 2020. The Company has been sponsoring Football events since 1986.

Ronaldo has previously Denounced Coca-Cola and other drinks many times:

Ronaldo in an interview publicly said,” My son Ronaldo Jr. drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta. Due to this, he is strict with him. He sometimes eats chips and other unhealthy foods which is not good.”

Cristiano Ronaldo,36, is popular for his fitness and diet. He had many times publicly denounced Carbonated drinks and fast foods. He is a fitness fanatic and this quite possibly is the biggest reason for his success. Now, the news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s rejection of Coca-Cola drinks is circulating on Social Media. People are praising him for his commitment to fitness and not worrying this gesture could cause UEFA Euro 2020 sponsor Coca-Cola to be angry.

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