Coronavirus immunity and the role of antibodies

⟶ iSO-FORM LLC, Ames, IA, has created a SARS-CoV-2 3D image based on the most recent descriptions in scientific literature, scanning electron microscopy, and discussions in the medical visualization community. iSO-FORM LLC is a team of medical illustrators, software engineers, and artists whose focus is on bringing cutting edge science to targeted audiences using the latest techniques in visual effects, illustration, and biomedical visualization. The image was created using VFX/Animation industry standard software. The molecular structures were created using ePMV and were assembled in Cinema4D. Most of the protein structures were acquired from electron microscopy or x-ray crystallography data. However, there are a few exceptions. The E-protein is from the SARS-CoV virus, as information on this protein for the SARS- CoV-2 virus is not yet available. The M-protein is computationally predicted and was acquired from DeepMind through predictive neural net processing. The lipid bilayer was created in a VFX industry standard 3D software platform, Maxon Cinema4D, and was not derived from data, but is based on well-known lipid membrane quaternary structures. SARS-CoV-2 is a spherical pleomorphic virus, which means it can be spherical, or often ellipsoidal in shape. Many coronavirus scanning electron micrographs show common ellipsoidal morphology, and thus, we have depicted it here as a variation on the more common spherical morphology. Information on the structure and function SARS-CoV-2 is changing rapidly, and currently the organization of all proteins is an approximation based on current understanding. This model was not created by a simulation.
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Since the pandemic started, life on earth has gone through a drastic change. The effect on physical and mental health has led us to an unimaginable loss. The world is currently going through the third wave of covid19. Amid such a crisis, coronavirus immunity is essential.  

Coronavirus immunity

Once a person catches the virus and stabilizes back to normal, he develops immunity against the virus. The development of antibodies results in immunity from the disease. Further, the vaccination is the prime source of immunity against Covid19. Immunity against it has been a big question since the beginning of the pandemic. Knowing the facts, one realizes getting through it wasn’t easy for the health department of the world.


Moreover, new researches suggest that those people who recover from covid. The immunity in them lasts for more than 8 months. After vaccination, it could last at least a year. The predicted immunity range is good if it works out properly.

Vaccination – Antibodies development

Vaccines are game-changers when it comes to viruses. Vaccines involve antigens to produce antibodies. Antigens are the pathogenic parts causing the disease. The human body takes some time to react when a person is exposed to the virus. In the meanwhile, the immune system develops antibodies.

However, this is natural immunity. Vaccines produce antibodies. As a result, antibodies also produce memory cells which help in developing immunity for a longer duration. The newly developed vaccines for coronavirus immunity development are listed below,

  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac
  • Sputnik V
  • Oxford, AstraZeneca vaccine

Above mentioned immunity developers are available worldwide. People are using them, and there is no side effect in most of them till now.

Antibody dependent enhancement

This phenomenon exacerbates the condition of the virus. In this condition, the antibody favours the entry of the virus into host cells. Therefore, causing the virus to spread rapidly than normal.  The antibody-dependent enhancement phenomenon for SARS-CoV-2 is still under research.

Recently, a statement of a Nobel laureate went viral. According to him, the ADE phenomenon would result in the death of vaccinated people within two years of vaccination. As a result, people started to panic as the news circulated on media. However, this news was proved to be fake worldwide.

Hence, there is no truth in the ADE phenomenon in the Corona vaccine. So, get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. Stay at home and stay safe.

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