Cloud Burst In Islamabad triggers Urban flooding in the capital

Cloud Burst In Islamabad triggers Urban flooding in the capital
⟶ Cloud Burst In Islamabad: Urban flooding in the E11 sector and D-12
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An unusual thing happened in Islamabad today. The capital and especially the E11 sector is facing the problem of urban Flooding. Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat has confirmed that a cloudburst is a reason for this flooding. Not only that, Geo News is reporting that two people died during Cloud Burst In Islamabad.

Islamabad DC Hamza Shafqat said the teams are clearing Nullah/Roads and also requested the public to avoid unnecessary outdoor visits during this time. This situation demands compliance with government officials and the public should stay at home.

Later, Hamza Shafqat announced that Islamabad’s roads are clear for traffic.

At least two people including a child are dead due to Urban flooding in the E-11 sector. Four children and a mother were in the house when water flowed in their house from a nearby drain. Water accumulated in the basement. Three children were rescued. Sadly, a mother and a son died during all of this. According to the affected family, water entered around 6 am and also caused the back wall of the house to fall.

Videos are circulating on social media about the downpour. Cars and other vehicles are seen floating in water in Islamabad’s E-11 sector and D-12 sector.

People are alleging the housing society for this mess. They claimed that the housing society did not prepare the plan for any flood-type situation. To your relief, Army has arrived for rescue operations in the affected areas.

What is a Cloud Burst | Why Cloud Burst happened in Islamabad?

A Cloud burst or Cloudburst is a sudden and heavy rainfall in a short period of time that causes flooding. Before the bursting, warm air from the bottom of the atmosphere starts moving upwards quickly. This causes vapors in the clouds to turn into droplets.

This process is so dynamic that clouds could not handle all these droplets and bursts. With the explosion, heavy rainfall occurs.

Heavy rainfall occurs when a cloud literally bursts.
Heavy rainfall occurs when a cloud literally bursts.

Cloud bursts occur in mountainous areas mostly. It happens mostly in the Northern areas. In 2019, A cloud burst happened in the Neelum District of Azad Kashmir as well which caused havoc.

Cloud bursting has always caused flooding and property damages. Now cloud bursting in Islamabad has happened.
Cloud burst in Azad Kashmir. Urban flooding has always caused life and property damages.

The twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad have received the highest rains during the monsoon season. Pakistan Meteorological departments said 330 mm rainfall has occurred in the last few hours in the capital.

Rawalpindi on High Alert due to Flash floods:

High rainfall has caused flooding situation in Nullah Lai, Rawalpindi. The local government requested Pak Army for help and the army arrived on time. Army troops are participating in rescue and relief operations.

A spokesperson of the National Disaster and Management Authority said Army is necessary to deal with any emergency type situation.

All-inclusive, No one expected a Cloud Burst situation In Islamabad. It has caused two deaths. Moreover, cars and other vehicles are floating in the floodwater in Islamabad as of now. The situation is now pretty much under the control in Islamabad. In Rawalpindi, Army has been called in for help. Due to climate change, Pakistan can see some changes in the monsoon season. Last year, Karachi witnessed the worst Urban flooding. There are still some lags in disaster management. Let’s see how effectively governments and institutions will deal with flooding this year.

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