Award-Winning Christmas Day December 25 English Speeches

Award-Winning Christmas Day December 25 English Speeches
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Are you looking for Christmas Day English Speeches? Have you participated in a speech competition? If you are looking for Christmas Day English Speeches then you are stumbled upon the right article. Here are the best and award-winning speeches for Christmas Day for you. Stick upon and go through it till the end of the article to grab all information and keep visiting NaeTaze.

Christmas Day English Speeches
Christmas Day English Speeches

Christmas Day English Speeches Speech# 1

Where there is faith, there love

Where there is love, there is peace

Where there is peace, there is God

And there is God, and there is no need.

True faith is an absolute soul commitment to God. Christmas is not only about things but also about being with one another. It’s about kindness. It’s about faith. It’s about love—Good Morning to the respected principal, sir, teachers, and dear friends. Today is December 25, and we are celebrating Christmas Day.

I want to explore my ideas by saying a few lines on this beautiful occasion. Christmas day, a festival of brotherhood and love, which means feast day of Christ and refers to the birth of Jesus. Christian believe that Jesus is the son of God and is celebrated to pay honor to Jesus Christ. People belonging to different religions also celebrate this day. It thought Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi who had orally preached his message to people. He came on the earth for supporting his people. Jesus Christ came to earth as a savior of the people.

He was one of the critical prophets of God. Innocent people treated him as a Messiah. He taught people to follow the path of goodness and to believe in the almighty. Children feel so happy and memorable. They receive many surprises from their parents, relatives, and friends. They think that the Santa plants are gifts for them at night.

Christmas is a symbol of happiness, love, joy, and hope. If we want to gift someone today, I think no gift will be better than forgiving your enemy, doing charity, becoming a good example for every child, and respecting yourself and everybody. With this, I conclude my speech. May this special Christmas increase your faith in God. I wish you Merry Christmas.

Thank you to all of you!

Christmas Day English Speeches Speech#2

Good Morning to everyone present here,

Today, we celebrate Christmas; Christmas is celebrated on December 25. Christmas means “Feast day of Christ” and is celebrated in all countries, and it brings the Christmas spirit to homes. Carol services are arranged from the church, including Santa and people.

People sing Christmas songs. Christian also wishes Christmas by giving and receiving gifts and cards. The standard preparation is Christmas trees, lighting, stars with friends and families.

Traditional plum cakes, wine are special treats on Christmas. Kids get new dresses. Someone wears like Santa Claus. The red and white costumes along with lots of gifts. Santa Claus is also famous as “Christmas Father.”

The modern character of Santa Claus is based upon traditions surrounding Saint Nicholas. The Christmas Star identifies the star of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. According to the Biblical Story, the star helps the three jings reach Bethlehem. Christmas stars represent a divine force or energy. Christmas also reminds the importance of giving and receiving with and from family and friends.

I wish merry Christmas with lots of love!

Christmas Day English Speeches Speech#3

Christmas is the season of happiness, joy, and peace. Christmas is the festival of Christmas that marks the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated every year in the whole world. Furthermore, it is a Christian festival. People from different religions also celebrate it with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The first day of Christmas is the day before Christmas Eve. Traditionally, people decorate their homes with colorful lights and a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree reminds us how God gave us a messiah. Giving gifts is meant to symbolize love and kindness, and remembrance of the advantages is intended to represent love and kindness and remembrance of the gift of eternal life made possible by the savior.

Homemade traditional cupcakes and muffins are the special treats on Christmas. Kids are showered with a lot of new dresses. They also get ‘Santa Claus’ dressed in white costumes and fluffy red, who greets them with gifts and hugs. Christmas carols are played on televisions and radios to express the day. Most families start the day by going to church, where performances and songs are done. Furthermore, later, they join their families to celebrate with food and music.

Happiness during Christmas is not like others. People typically decorate the Christmas tree with decorative items like lamps, lightning, and flowers and put gifts under the tree on Christmas. Christmas is a festival adored by people belonging to all religions and faiths.

It teaches us the importance of sharing, exchanging gifts, and living in peace and harmony with our family and friends. By celebrating Christmas, we know that Jesus’ birth is the beginning of new great things in the world. It is generally a chance to think about nature and the reason for our existence. Christmas is such a festival that people from all religions and faiths celebrate despite being Christian. It is the essence of the festival which unites the people so much.

Christmas Day English Speeches Speech#4

Good Morning to the principal, sir, Dear teachers, and all my fellows!

As we all have grouped here to celebrate Christmas, I would like to highlight a few lines about Christmas. I am very thankful to my class teachers for giving me an excellent opportunity to speak here at this special event.

The festival of Christmas is also known as the “Feast Day of Christ,” It is celebrated as a Christian holiday to pay honor to and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also marked by the non-christian as a cultural holiday. It is observed in the winter season in December.

Everyone waits for the arrival of Christmas every year. It is observed every year on December 25 with massive preparations and decorations. Christmas Trees, Christmas Cards, Santa Claus, Gifts, etc., matter a lot on this occasion.

December 25 is the most important day for Christians. They also celebrate the festival of Easter to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and death. People start preparation for Christmas, which is called the advent, and it begins on Sunday of four weeks before Christmas.

The whole Christmas is known as Christmastide, which ends on January 6 means the 12th day of Christmas, during which the people remember the epiphany. There is the largest Indian Community in Mumbai, where mostly Roma Catholics are also found, and make this event is the glory of India in the winter season in December.

A midnight mass is considered, at this festival, the essential service for the Christians, especially the catholic. Whole family members go to the group and enjoy a massive feast of different delicious foods. They are also involved in giving and taking gifts to each other. Before the festival, they enjoy decorating their church with candles and poinsettia flowers, specifically for the Christmas Eve midnight mass services.

People start greeting each other, few days before the festival. In addition, they wish each other happy Subh Christmas, Christmas Mubarak, Christmas or merry Christmas, etc., through Christmas cards or giving gifts. Furthermore, decorating Christmas trees in the houses or garden is the ain custom and tradition of the Christmas Celebration.

The people also decorate their homes and churches with candles and electric bulbs. The Christians living in Southern India lit some small oil-burning clay-lamps on roofs to show that Jesus is the source of light of the world.

They also sing a song and perform other rituals in the church. In some places, follow the event’s tradition for cutting the Christmas cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Santa comes at midnight with many gifts for children and distributes them among them. Catholics have a tradition of fasting; they keep fast and do not eat from 1st to December 24 and eat after the midnight mass service.

Merry Christmas to All!

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