Child Lock on LG Washer- Read Basic Steps to Enable CL

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Child Lock on LG Washer is not an error code, it’s an indicator that the child lock feature is enabled. Are you looking for What Does CL Means On LG Washer? This article briefly explains Child Lock on LG Washer, its benefits, and enabling of CL. While the control panel will be deactivated. To activate or deactivate the child lock, press and hold the child lock button for 3 seconds.

The developers of front-loading automatic washing machines were instantly dazed by the issue of the need for locking. Because the control panel of LG machines is at the lowest level and is in the reach of little kids, which is very dangerous. Here is all about Child Lock on LG Washer. Stay with us at the end to understand CL on LG washing machines, the advantages of this feature, and the steps to enable the CL feature.

Child Lock on LG Washer

A child can easily press a few buttons that not only stop the washing procedure but also damage the washing machine. So if you have a little kid in your house, you must enable this feature. So, Child Lock on LG Washer is a data code. If it occurs after huddling a key combination, this is ordinary. But there is an error if this code is always shown after turning on the washing machine. It may be worse, if it happens suddenly during the wash cycle, although no one has pressed any button.

This feature can be enabled by pressing two keys super rinse plus pre-wash simultaneously with a wait of 3 seconds. Confusing switches is exquisite and somehow tricky. The manufacturer withstood this by inserting symbols on the control panel. Particularly, the keys “child protection” are revealed by a smiling spiral.

After enabling the CL mode, it stays until the end of the wash cycle. On some machines after finishing off the washing process, the child lock is reset while on others, it is detained even if the washing machine is powered off. Also, in some brands of LG washing machines, you can lock all buttons from kids, while on some machines you can lock all buttons except on / off.

Steps to Enable Child Lock On LG Washer

You can enable and disable Child Lock on LG Washer by following the steps.

1# Turn On Washing Program

Turn on the washing program by pressing two buttons on the control panel at the same time. Where are these buttons? These are located at the control panel of your LG machine marked as “super rinse” and “anticipate”. Usually, they are escorted by a snapshot of a smiling fortress. In different models of LG washing machines, the place of these buttons can be different.

2# Press CL Buttons

The lock buttons are found on the left side of the display. 4 buttons are upright, while the first and second are required. By pressing these two buttons you can lock the control panel. And if you push these two buttons again, you can unlock the panel.

Benefits Of Child Lock on LG Washer

The feature of Child Lock on LG Washer is to avoid damage and malfunction of the appliance due to inappropriate activities by children. Here are some benefits of the CL feature on the LG Washer.

● If the gate unlocks when the CL feature is enabled, the water will be drained forcibly to stave off the child from drenching.

● Even if you turned Off and then On the system, the Child-Lock persists.

● Once CL is enabled; even if you’ve turned Off the power or if the door is unlocked, water will automatically be dropped within 30 seconds.

● With the CL feature On, an alarm will be ringed and an error connotation (CL,dE) will pop up as soon as the door is unlocked. Draining will automatically begin after 30 seconds.

● The spout cannot be avoided in the middle of the cycle, even if you switched off the system. However, if the door is locked before 30 seconds, water will not seep out.

● If you want to put in more laundry don’t forget to clear the feature before proceeding.

Why Does CL Occur Suddenly?

If the LG machine is operating, then activating the “child protection” mode will be easy. Sometimes the CL suddenly prompts when the washing machine is connected to the system and does not deactivate. So it becomes difficult to establish a washing program. The CL turns on spontaneously during the wash procedure for example, after washing or before rinsing.

In conclusion, if the display of your LG washing machine indicates CL, while the control panel does not function, don’t worry. It’s just that your appliance is locked from children. So you deactivate the lock by simultaneously pressing the super rinse and prewash buttons. We are pleased that you will come to know What Does CL Means On LG Washer? Thank you for staying engaged with us at the end. Stay updated for more stuff and also ask your queries in the comments.

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