CEO to street vendor | Inspiring story of biryani seller

Umar kamal biryani seller
⟶ Umar kamal inspiring biryani seller
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We have listened to and viewed various inspiring stories when a poor person studies hard and gets a successful job. These stories give us a lesson to stand on our feet. However, what if a person studies hard, gets a high-paying job but then lost everything? What if a person stands on his feet jumps to heights of success but eventually falls? What should one do in such a situation? Here we are sharing a story of a common person. He went to heights in his career and then fell to hopelessness and joblessness. The person who turned from the company’s CEO to street vendor. What’s next to it will leave you shocked and inspired.

Story of Umar Kamal, from CEO to street vendor

It is the story of Umar Kamal a Pakistani citizen. He is an enterprise management degree holder from LUMS university of Pakistan and Mcgill University of Canada. He has done many high-profile jobs such as directorship in a hospital, being a CEO in various companies, motivational speaker, and consultant. However, he remained jobless for four years due to some career setbacks. After staying hopeless and depressed for years he strengthened his relationship with God, Almighty Allah. According to him:

God emptied my hands to make space, so that I can hold something bigger.

Umar Kamal

Finally, he got the inspiration to start his own business. He discussed it with his wife and decided to sell biryani (rice dish). However, due to a lack of resources, he could not build or rent a place to open a food point. So he used his car as a food point, moving it on roads selling biryani. He started the business from 5000 rupees (67$). In just 45 days, now he earns triple his investments daily. Also, he has opened his outlet with the name of “Mani’s Kitchen” from his earnings.

CEO to street vendor, Umar kamal selling biryani to his customer
Umar Kamal selling biryani to a customer on his car

Homemade biryani, the journey of belief and success

Every day, Umar stops his car on the road, walks around hawking “homemade biryani sir.” It seems normal for a street vendor to hawk on the road to sell items. But it was the hardest thing for Umar Kamal an international degree holder to do such a thing. He felt ashamed initially to getting out of the car and asking people to buy from him. He recalled that the first time when he was hawked on the road. Obviously, he studied higher to get a reputed job and after living a lavish lifestyle it was difficult to sell food on the streets. He stated that:

When I first hawked I started crying, went back to the car thinking why the hell I am doing it. Then I felt a slap on my face of being so hopeless. After that, I went out of the car started hawking again, and never stopped.

Umar Kamal

It was not an easy journey for him as he could not sell anything for the first few days. He was ashamed going home empty-handed. so he usually used to give those biryani boxes to needy people on his way back home. As Umar was afraid that his wife will get depressed he used to lend money from friends and told the wife that it’s his earnings. However, his wife knew everything from the beginning but never stopped encouraging him. Finally, the couple succeeded when people started buying their homemade biryani. The couple cried recalling that difficult time and they are thankful to God for their success.

It is not a story of celebrity success nor a tale of rising from the bottom. It’s a story of falling and bouncing back. It’s a story of the believer and a hard worker who turned from CEO to street vendor but never lose hope. Eventually, he found great success in a small business. We hope you liked this inspirational real-life story of a common man. Tell us your views in the comments.

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