Celebrities Died in 2021

Celebrities Died in 2021
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Celebrities Died in 2021; Death is a sad and bitter reality and no matter how loved someone and talented is, no one can escape death. 2021 is when Pakistani people have lost a lot, including celebrities who served the entertainment industry for decades. Every death is a big loss, but it is unfortunate personalities ho had been so long around us and are now no more with us. Those attractive and wonderful celebrities will remain in the hearts of their followers and fans forever. No one can replace them, and the gap produced can not be fulfilled by anyone. If you are curious to know about all these personalities, stay connected till the end with us.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #1

2021 has proved to be a stormy time for celebrity deaths as audiences have to adjure farewell to some celebrities. Few are of them listed below.

Umer Sharif:

Umer Sharif, a legend, Pakistani comedian-actor, passed away after the devolve health condition. He resumed his travel to the US for his medical treatment but was delayed due to his health condition again declining. Umer Sharif received National Awards for Best Actor and Best Director in 1992. In addition to this, he also received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #2

Durdana Butt:

In Karachi, a famous and well-renowned TV actress breathed her last on August 12, 2021. She started his journey as an actress in the early 70s. She is a renowned actress and remembered for her role in the different dramas, the most notably Aangan Terha, Fifty-Fifty, Intezar, Ruswai, and Tanhaiyaan.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #3

Talat Iqbal:

Talat Iqbal, a Pakistani actor, breathed his last in America. He was admitted to the hospital after his health was devolved following the death of his daughter. Talat Iqbal had an impressive and key role in TV serials in the early ’70s and ’80s.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #4

Anwar Iqbal:

Anwar Iqbal, a famous Pakistani actor, died on July 1, 2021. He was 71 years old. He had been ill chronically for some time. In 1984, Anwar Iqbal debuted as a director with the drama Ishq Pecha and, in addition, also directed some Sindhi and Urdu dramas. His notable and renowned work includes Rista Anjan Se, Hina Ki Khushboo, and Pul Siraat.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #5

Sultana Zafar:

Sultana Zafar, a veteran actress, passed away at 66. She was running a boutique in Dallas, USA, and it is the location of her death. His best role was in Tanhaiyaan and in Aakhri Chattan and Uroosa.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #6

Begum Khursheed Shahid:

Begum Khursheed Shahid, Legendary actress and PTV Pioneer, died at 95. Begum Khursheed Shahid started his career at age 9 in Delhi, performing both Actress and Singer roles in All India Radio. She received training from Legendary Musician. In the 90s, the pride of performance was disassociated with television.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #7

Talat Siddiqui:

After a prolonged illness, Talat Siddiqui breathed her last in Lahore. She was 82 years old. Her notable works are renowned such as Kaaliya and Haider Sultan, Dilnasheen, and she had worked for 30 years with Industry.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #8

Sohail Asghar:

On November 13, 2020, A legendary Actor passed away after a prolonged illness named Sohail Asghar. He started his career at Radio Pakistan and entered the TV industry. His performance was outstanding in Murad’s film, and he was nominated for the best actor award in 2002 at the 12th PTV award.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #9

Ejaz Durrani:

Ejaz Durrani died in Lahore. Ejaz Durrani was the first Hero of Pakistani Cinema with a Diamond Jubilee film to his credit. He was an impressive successful Distributor. He had a lot of expertise in filmmaking. In 1959, Ejaz Durrani married Noor Jahan.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #10

Farooq Qaiser:

Farooq Qaiser was TV Director and Pakistan’s Award-winning puppeteer, famous for Uncle Surgam; on May 14, 2021, he died in Islamabad. Farooq Qiaserwas suffered from cardiac complications. He wrote and directed his puppet Kalaiyan, which was overwhelmed and responded to by the public.

Celebrities Died in 2021 #11

Shaukat Ali:

Shaukat Ali, Legendary Punjabi Folk Singer, breathed his last on April 2, 2021, in Lahore. Despite his pride in Performance, Shaukat Ali had an impressive career in the Dubbing industry. Ali was one of the most productive artists in the Pakistani music industry, leaving behind the inheritance of Lok geet, Ghazals, and Punjabi songs.

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