Shocking: Ceasefire ends as Israel re-attacks Gaza.

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The ethnic cleansing in Gaza came to a pause on May 21st as a result of the ceasefire. However, the peace talks couldn’t continue for even a month. The Israeli forces on Tuesday night launched airstrikes. This was in response to Palestine sending incendiary balloons to the Israeli territory.

Gaza under attack (For license details: Click here)

About ceasefire

The Israel-Palestine conflict led to the death of around 260 Palestinians. However, this brutality came to an end on 21st May – ceasefire. Israel and Hamas both claimed victory on a truce. Unfortunately, Israel broke the ceasefire, and the brutality continues once again.

Why Israel broke the truce?

A march of far-right Israeli protesters parade through East Jerusalem became the reason for incendiary balloons. Thousands of Israelis marched through the area chanting “death to Arabs”. The anti-Arab chants also said, “May your village burn.” Hamas also warned that the recent circumstances would exacerbate if this continues. Tensions aggravated due to the march, and Gaza launched air balloons in response. Moreover, the balloons led to 20 fires near the Israeli borders. Therefore, Israel launched airstrikes. The situation has now worsened.

A march of far-right Israeli protesters parade through East Jerusalem became the reason for incendiary balloons. Thousands of Israelis marched through the area chanting “death to Arabs”.
Israelis marching and chanting “death to Arabs” (for license details: click here)

Recently Israeli government was going through significant changes. The 12-year old rule of Netanyahu ended as a result of the coalition. Wednesday’s attack was the first response to Gaza by the newly formed government. The Foreign Minister of Israel, “Yair Lipid”, condemned the march on Twitter.

“The fact that there are radicals for whom the Israeli flag represents hatred and racism is abominable and unforgivable,”

Yair Lipid- Foreign minister of Israel

The happening seems to be a challenge for the new PM, who has assured the people of his pragmatic approach. Mansour Abbas of the Raam party (first Arab party to join the coalition) further said that,

“an attempt to set the region on fire for political aims,”

Mansour Abbas-Raam party

The Israeli parade proved to be the impetus for balloons. However, Hamas is annoyed because of restrictions since the ceasefire. The fuel for Gaza’s power plant and raw materials is also banned. The total wars Israel and Hamas have fought are four in number. In conclusion, this is high time UNO must look into the matter seriously.

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