BTS Member’s Speech and Performance at UNGA

BTS member's speech and performance at UNGA
⟶ BTS member's speech and performance at UNGA
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Recently BTS Member’s Speech and Performance at UNGA turned heads worldwide. BTS team participated in the general assembly as Korean representatives. They were officially selected to participate as the country’s ambassadors by the Korean President. It was the first time when the most admirable BTS members participated in an international political event. Their performance in the general assembly was also a unique and amazing experience people witnessed in history. Stay tuned with us to listen their speech and performance in the general assembly of the United States.

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BTS member’s speech and performance in UNGA

Reportedly the BTS team spoke about various global issues in their speech. They addressed current issues such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and the influences of pandemics on youth. K-pop stars participated in the event gracefully and professionally. They spoke in their native language to represent their nation, as being proud Koreans. However, when the event ended they performed their English song “Permission to Dance.” It was a way to connect gracefully with the people internationally through art.

The Korean superstar band always remains in news for their influence and power worldwide. However, many times netizens deny it by calling them overrated. However, millions of people were tuned in the today’s meeting of UNGA just because of BTS. It is a quiet and most powerful reply to the critics who doubt the influence of K-Pop in the world.

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Here are the videos of BTS member’s speeches and performances at the UN General Assembly:

BTS member’s speech and performance at UNGA
BTS member’s performance on permission to dance at UNGA
BTS member’s speech at General Assembly

Also, the United Nations general assembly has now published an English dubbed speech of BTS. United Nations officials also admired the performance of BTS members. According to them, it was really amazing performance that inspires you to take action for a better future. They also added song lyrics in the official tweet, “every choice we make is the beginning of change.”

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Overall if we look at both the speech and dance performance then we must appreciate their theme choice. BTS member’s speech and performance were compatible in terms of the topic. The overall theme of the presentation was to inspire youth to take meaningful actions towards improvement in global issues. BTS team has proved that they are not just talented but wise as well. No doubt they have millions of followers worldwide for some reason.

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