BTS gets Diplomat Passports! All Set to Become Special Envoy!

BTS gets Diplomat Passports, All Set to Become Special Envoys!
⟶ BTS gets Diplomat Passports, All Set to Become Special Envoys!
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“BTS South Korea’s Pride” once again becomes a top trend on Twitter as BTS gets diplomat passports from the South Korean President. The septet of K-pop boys group is leading the world through their crazy fan following! Being South Korean residents they’ve been honored with one of the greatest rewards. The group has broken many records on an international level and this time they’ve made history as the President has appointed them as a special envoy in South Korea. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the details of the event! So, read the whole article now!

BTS gets Diplomatic Passports, All Set to Become Special Envoys!
Highlights of the event in which BTS gets diplomat passports by the president!
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BTS gets Diplomat Passports and Appointed as Special Envoy in South Korea by the President!

South Korean President on 14th September 2021 honored the K-pop group “BTS” with diplomat passports. He also officially appointed them as Special Envoy in South Korea. The official event took place at the Main Office Hall of the Blue House, South Korea. According to the videos and images you can see them being greeted with a fist bump. The septet includes,

  • RM – Kim Namjoon
  • Jin – Kim Seokjin
  • Suga – Min Yoongi
  • J-Hope – Jung Hoseok
  • Jimin – Park Jimin
  • V – Kim Taehyung
  • Jungkook – Jeon Jungkook

The whole squad walked in along with president Moon Jae-in. They met the president in the head of state’s official residence in Seoul. In the ceremony, the whole BTS squad, president Moon Jae-in, National Security Office’s Director Suh Hoon, Second Deputy Director Kim Hyung Jin, Chief of Staff Yoo Young Min, members from HYBE, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Chung Eui Yong were present.

The septet was dressed up in the same black suits. This formal visit took exactly one year after their visit for “National Youth Day” back in 2020. As soon as they entered they were first greeted. After the welcome, President handed over them their certificates, passports, and the pen followed by another fist bump. Two thumbs upraised by J-Hope led to a burst of sudden laughter in the hall. This was followed by a group picture to commemorate the memorable day.

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What is a Diplomat Passport?

This is for all those who don’t know about the “diplomat passports.” Such passports are exclusively for non-government people of South Korea who have by any means contributed to the well-being of the state.

Being a responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it will allow them to explore hundreds of countries without any visa! Moreover, this passport is issued to those who are younger than 35 years of age.

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“BTS South Korea’s Pride” | Some Notes From the Fans!

BTS fans are well known for their love and appreciation towards the septet on an international level. As soon as the ceremony took place, fans from all over the world started tweeting with the hashtag “BTS South Korea’s Pride.” As BTS gets diplomat passports, fans are overwhelmed. Here are some of their messages,

Do you ever just feel sad remembering what the boys have been through but feel so happy and proud knowing how far they’ve come. They deserve what they are all achieving. No words can describe how proud I am of BTS. Indeed, they truly are South Korea’s pride.


I’m so proud to idolize them, next month to be exact I’ll love them for a year but it’s like I’ve idolized them for years, iloveyou Bangtanvv


People were underestimating BTS and making fun of them and saying they can’t make it but look now they’ve prove them wrong. Got the Diplomat Passport by South Korea’s president and becomes their nation’s pride I am in tears Purple heartLoudly crying face BTS PAVED THE WAY


As BTS has received their diplomat passports now they will have to carry special responsibilities based on the reward. They will also accompany President Moon Jae from 19th to 23rd September 2021 in a visit to the USA. The group will also participate in the “SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Movement.” This movement will take place on 20th September where they will deliver a speech also. Moreover, the squad will also be a part of the 76th UN General Assembly along with president Moon Jae-In. This will take place in the last days of September.

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