Breaking: US Troops Gave Pork at Kabul Airport to Afghans

US Army gave Pork to Afghans at Airport
⟶ Plane arriving at Kabul airport
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A lot is happening in and around Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. Kabul airport has been in the news the whole week. It all started when the Taliban took over Kabul and Ashraf Ghani fled to UAE. After the Taliban takeover, thousands of Afghans rushed towards Kabul airport. Evacuation operation started but it led to sad incidents. Those Afghans who could not get space in the Plane hung to its wings. Thus, when the plane was in the sky, they fell and died. Afghan footballer Zaki Anwari was also the one who fell from the sky. Total 20 deaths are reported in and around the Hamid Karzai airport including the death of 7 Afghans yesterday. Moreover, US troops gave pork to the people in the airport. There is more in these stories.

What is going on in Afghanistan now? How the USA and British troops are treating the helpless Afghans? Stick with us as we explain the shocking details!

US Troops Gave Pork to Afghans at Kabul Airport:

US soldiers gave pig meat to Afghans who are stuck at the Kabul Airport. American troops arrived at Kabul airport for the safe evacuation of US Diplomats and to protect the Kabul airport. There are thousands of Afghans stranded at the airport as well who want to leave Afghanistan. A week ago, heartbreaking news aired on TV that few Afghans hung on the airplane wing and then fell from there when the plane was in the sky. Now, another sad and disgusting news is coming that US army troops distributed pork. Pork is forbidden in Islam and Muslims don’t eat it.

People are criticizing the US for this act as they could give any meat but they chose to give pork.

Furthermore, a woman complained that troops are not handing these packets. They are throwing pork packets at Afghans from the distance. She further said that it is clearly written in English that it is pork patty with maple flavor. 95 percent of the people at the Hamid Karzai International airport Kabul cannot read English. So, the US troops gave pork to those who don’t know what they are eating. Giving haram food to those who can’t read is an act against the basic rights of Muslims.

7 Afghans Died Yesterday Due to Chaos and US Army Fired in the Air to Control Afghans Today:

Thousands of people are scrambled and eager to exit Afghanistan. After the Taliban takeover, they fear for their lives. Families are gathered in the airport to live a better life outside Afghanistan. Although the Taliban have announced an amnesty, they still fear that The Taliban would still kill them.

People were disorganized when US troops fired in the air. No injuries have been reported. Sources are reporting that US troops fired in the air to control the crowd so that they would stay in Queue. However, On 21 August, 7 Afghans were killed when they crushed each other due to chaos as they wanted to get out of Kabul desperately according to British Military sources. A US official said around 20 people have died in or around Hamid Karzai airport in the last seven days.

A Baby was Handed over to US Troops over the Barbed Wire in the Airport:

A video went viral on social media that a mother was handing over her baby to US troops. Now US Maritime Troops has released as statement that this baby has been reunited with his parents.

This video perfectly depicted the current situation in Afghanistan. Afghans want to get out of the country to anywhere abroad as refugees. However, this could trigger another unrest in the world.

In 2015, when the civil war in Syria was at its peak, thousands of refugees entered Europe. It had a negative impact on Europe’s economy. Moreover, politics in Europe changed to Islamophobia and immigrants. Now European leaders want to avoid the influx of refugees from Afghanistan.

The media is reporting that European countries are unhappy with the US withdrawal. Sources are stating that the US withdrew as it does not have to worry about the Refugees influx. It is Europe that bears the burden of Refugees.

All-inclusive, the situation in Afghanistan is worst than expected a month ago. Thousands of people have already migrated from Afghanistan and thousands are still waiting to be rescued. They are stuck at the Kabul Airport. The chaos and urgency in and around the airport have already led to the killing of 20 people. Moreover, the food situation is also bad. US troops Gave Pork patties to the Afghans waiting to be rescued. Due to the current Afghanistan situation, unrest is expected in Europe and also in the neighboring countries. We will keep updating you about the changing Afghanistan and Kabul airport situation. All you have to do is keep visiting us daily.

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