Breaking News | Lt. Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Passed Away

Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Passed Away
⟶ Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Passed Away
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According to credible sources, it is confirmed that Gen Ashfaq Nadeem passed away today. He was 62 years old at the time of his death. He experienced a sudden sequel of cardiac arrest due to which Gen Ashfaq Nadeem passed away. He was a companion of Gen Rahil Shareef. In 2013 when Gen Raheel Sharif took his position as Army Chief of Pakistan and immediately appointed Gen Ashfaq Nadeem as Chief of Gen staff. Read the complete article to know about his ultimate contributions to Pakistan’s military and nation.

Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Passed Away, his Contributions and Last Wish

His services in the military are vast. However, mainly he served as DG Military Operations and Chief of General Staff. It is a less known fact that he was the mastermind and core power behind Zarb e Azb operation. The Zarb e Azb was the largest and most successful military operation that freed Pakistan from terrorism. At the time of this operation, General Ashfaq Nadeem was appointed as director-general of military operations. The whole operation got successful under his command.

Also, he was a great wisher of Kashmir’s independence. However, his dream could not come true during his service. Upon retirement, he sighed that my biggest regret is that I could not see Kashmir’s liberation. May Allah SWT grant Gen Ashfaq Nadeem the highest rank in Jannah. Amen

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