Breaking: Mob attacked Hindu Temple in Rahim Yar Khan

Breking: MOb attacked hindu temple in Raheem Yar khan
⟶ Mob attacking a hindu temple in bogh shareef, Pakistan
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Another incident against minorities has happened in Pakistan. This time it is in Punjab. A mob attacked Hindu Temple in Bhong, Rahim Yar Khan. Part of the temple is burned down and idols are also damaged. Police could not control the mob. Upon request, rangers are called to control the situation. The situation is still not fully under control in the area. What is the full matter? How mobs got together to attack? Read the article to know.

Police said the mob attack on the temple happened on 4 August due to the alleged desecration of a Muslim seminary (Madrassah) by a Hindu boy. According to the reports, a 9-year-old Hindu boy urinated in the library of the seminary (Madrassah) on 24 July. It caused tensions in the Bhong region. Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully together in Bhong for decades. But now incidents like these are causing trouble in the province.

The boy was arrested last week on blasphemy charges but was released as he was a minor.

His news of release spread quickly. People started to gather to take revenge by taking the law into their hands.

Cleric Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim of Darul Uloom Arabia Taleemul Quran Seminary filed the complaint. Then Bhong police registered a case against the boy under Section 295-A of the Pakistan Penal Code on July 25.

Video of Mob attacking Hindu Temple in Bhong, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan:

On Wednesday, PTI parliamentarian Dr. Ramesh Kumar tweeted the video of the incident. He requested law enforcement agencies to rush to the attacked spot.

He further said that the attack was planned days ago and the situation was already critical. He said police showed negligence in this matter. Dr. Ramesh Kumar appealed Chief Justice to take notice of this attack. After attacking the temple, the mob also tried to hit nearby Hindus living in Bhong Shareef.


The mob blocked the Sukkur-Multan motorway for three hours later. Drivers tool alternate routes to reach their destinations.

He said the situation is still tense and he is in contact with a higher authority. No arrest has been made so far. Around 100 Hindu families live in this district.

According to DPO Asad Sarfraz, rangers are called to ensure peace. Rangers are also deployed around Hindu families so that any attack on them could not take place. He further said the mob had sticks, stones, and bricks. They also set fire in one part of the temple while chanting religious slogans.

Deputy commissioner Khurram Shehzad visited the site. He said we are trying to arrest those who attacked the temple.

  • Local Hindus have apologized for this incident. They said the boy is also mentally ill.

After the release, Sumro family members campaigned against the 9-year-old boy on social media. This caused unrest in Bhong Shareef. Thus, Mob attacked Hindu temple in Punjab’s district Rahim Yar Khan.

Mob attacked Hindu Temple | India’s response on this incident:

India has expressed concerns over mob attacking temples in Pakistan. On this recent incident on Thursday, a written demarche is sent to the Pakistan High Commission. In an Indian official statement on this matter, India has requested Imran khan to take serious actions against the group of Muslims who attacked the temple. Pakistan must ensure the safety of its minorities and their religious sites. In 1997, the same Temple was also demolished. In 2014, reconstruction started on the orders of the court.

A report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom paints a horrifying picture. According to a report, Pakistan ranked the highest in mob violence and criminal charges against those accused of blasphemy in the whole world. The main reason is fake news spread about these sensitive issues and intolerance. Yesterday, Mob attacked Hindu temple because of both. Therefore, Pakistan must act to better its international image.

Pakistan response on Mob attacking Hindu Temple:

Pakistani PM Imran Khan has also condemned this attack. Moreover, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed has also taken notice of this incident.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr. Shahbaz Gill tweeted that the PM Office had taken notice of the incident.

He further added that Pakistan’s Constitution protects minorities. They can perform their religious activities freely.

Moreover, Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari said The act is against the Constitution and basic human rights.

Ruling Party’s MNA Dr. Ramesh Kumar has been active on social media about this attack. So, every official in Pakistan is condemning this attack and calling for a fair probe.

History of Mob attacks in Pakistan:

In 1992, Pakistanis attacked 30 Hindu temples. This was in retaliation to the Babri Masjid attack.

In 2019, angry mobs attacked three Hindu temples in Ghotki and burned many shops.

In December 2020, a mob attacked the Karak temple in Province KPK. The arrest of a cleric, a JUI leader, and others happened. They were charged with defiling a religious site, robbery, arson, hurting religious sentiments, assault, and Pakistan anti-terrorism act. However, it still has not stopped temple burning incidents.

In 2020, when governed announced the construction of the Krishna temple in Islamabad. Protests happened against it. As a result, workers stopped the construction of this temple.

The founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam has given us clear guidelines on what should we do about such issues. Quaid said on 11 August 1947:

“ You are free to go. You are free to go to your temples. Free to go to your mosques or any other place of worship. You may belong to any religion or creed, it has nothing to do with the business of the state.”

Once, before Independence, Tarah Shah in the constituent assembly shouted whoever shouts “Pakistan” will get “Qabristan.” To this, a Christian member shouted We will get Pakistan even if we get bullets in our chest. So, minorities have also a part in independence of Pakistan. Officials should carry out practical steps to ensure the safety of minorities. Pakistan should implement the saying of Quaid e Azam about minorities in true spirit. Everyone should be free to go to whichever religious site they want.

Bottom Line:

All-inclusive, Mob attacked Hindu Temple in Bhong Shareef is highly condemnable. Pakistani government officials have condemned this act. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed also took notice of this incident. However, no arrest has taken place as of yet. India has also responded to this situation stating that Pakistan must apprehend the attackers and ensure minorities’ safety.

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