Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali & review

Watch Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali, review
⟶ Watch Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali, review
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The legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was not only exceptional but all aspects of his life were extraordinary. The documentary Blood brothers is consisting of one aspect of his life that is friendship. Netflix has released this documentary recently that is based on the true events of Ali’s life. Numerous fans of this legendary boxer were eagerly waiting for this masterpiece. Now the wait is over and you can finally see Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali.

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Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali on Netflix

For now, you can view the Blood Brother series on Netflix. It is possible that some piracy websites also release the documentary to look for for free later on. But at this time it is only available on Netflix and we recommend enjoying it on the official platform. The documentary is consists of 1 hour and 35 minutes of duration. The streaming platform Netflix had released its official trailer in August. You can view the official Netflix trailer here:

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Blood Brothers review and storyline

The documentary is based on the true story of two friends and iconic legends Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. It revolves around the relationship of these two idols who lived in the 20th century. Muhammad Ali was an olympian, a legend of boxing, and a role model for millions of fans. On the other side, Malcolm was a highly influential social activist against white oppression.

Both personalities were revolutionary in their field. It is interesting to look at how these two inspirational leaders were attracted to each other and became friends. Their friendship was extraordinary special, similar to their lives in which nothing was ordinary. However, it is also interesting to view how a friendship that started from mutual perspectives turned into mistrust and ultimate failure. Although the documentary is based on history the message it gives is relevant to this era as well.

Previously many movies have portrayed the friendship of M. Ali and Malcolm in brief. You can enjoy “One Night In Miami” and “The Godfather of Harlem” to learn more about their friendship’s pitfalls. However, the movies contain fictional aspects and they can never depict the true event perfectly. As compared to movies, the documentary “Blood Brothers: Malcolm & Muhammad Ali” consists of real-life situations. It is based on the book “Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.” This book was a short biography on the selective events of Ali and Malcolm.

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