Battle of Karbala: History, Martyrs, and Death of Yazid.

Battle of Karbala: History, Martyrs and death of Yazid
⟶ Flag on the shrine of Imam Hussain with his name on it.
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The battle of Karbala is, without a doubt, the biggest incident in the history of Islam. It happened when Yazid came into power. He sent his men to Medinah to take Bai’yat. Imam Hussain refused because Yazid was a disgrace. Imam Hussain and many other Muslims refused to accept him as Ameer-ul-Momineen. This led to the soul shattering Karbala battle. Read the full history of Karbala here. How the war started, how Imam Hussain was martyred, and what happened after Karbala. Moreover, you can also read how Yazid and his companions died. Make sure to stick till the end to better understand how Karbala was the fight between good and evil. Here We Go:

Start of Battle of Karbala | When did Karbala happened:

Karbala happened in 61 Hijri. People of Kufa started writing letters to Imam Hussain. They informed him that Yazid is now Emir and he must be brought down. Hazrat Hussain had already refused to accept him as Caliph.

On 4 Muharram, Qazi Shureh issued a fatwa to kill Hazrat Hussain. Then 18000 other clerics issued a fatwa declaring Imam Hussain as “Baghi.”

Imam Hussain left Medinah for Mecca to perform Hajj. When he arrived at Mecca, he was informed that Yazid has sent some men to kill him during the hajj. To save the sanctity of Holy Place, he left the Kaaba without Hajj. In the Meantime, Yazid appointed Ubedullah Ibn Ziyad as governor of Kufa. Ibn Ziyad was a cruel man. He killed Messanger of Hussain-Muslim bin Aqeel. When Imam Hussain was informed that his cousin Muslim bin Aqeel has been martyred, he left for Kufa. He was stopped by the Kufan army and was told by them to take an alternate route.

Kufans who invited the Imam did not support him due to the fear of Ibn Ziyad. When Imam Hussain was at Karbala near the river Euphrates, the army of Umer bin Saad surrounded him. The water supply was cut off. Thousands of army men were against 72 companions of Imam Hussain. Moreover, Ibn Ziyad further sent Shimr with an army to kill Imam Hussain. Hazrat Hussain bought the area of Karbala. There, he camped.

Hazrat Hur | From Hell to Heaven:

Ibn Ziyad ordered Hur to go with 1000 men to stop Hussain. When Hur reached Karbala, his heart was bouncing. He was in deep confusion. His heart was continuously telling him not to harm anyone.

When it was the time for Namaz, Imam Hussain (A.S) began to offer namaz with Ahlul Bayt behind him. Hur, although he came there to stop Hazrat Hussain, joined them as well.

When the water was banned on Ahlul Bayt, Hur said to his friends that he was responsible for this. On 10 Muharram, he went towards the camp of Imam Hussain. When Imam saw him coming, he said to Ali Akbar,” A guest is coming, welcome him.” Hur said that he was there to repent. Imam Hussain forgave him. He then asked for permission to fight for him.

Hur’s son Ali bin Hur said to his father that he would go before him. Ali bin Hur attacked the army of Ibn Ziyad. He was soon overpowered and honored with Shahadat. Hazrat Hussain (A.S) himself lifted his body. Then after some time, Hazrat Hur (R.A) also got martyrdom.

Companions of Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala | 10 Muharram Shahadat of Companions:

Firstly, the companions of Hussain were martyred. Muslim bin Ausach is the first martyr of Karbala. From Hussain’s side, Ubaidullah killed Salem and Yassar. Then the whole army of Ibn Ziyad and Umer bin saad attacked Hussain’s companions.

Imam Hussain (R.A) had a total of 72 companions. 32 were on horses and 40 were on foot. When the 3000 men attacked Hussain’s army, those 32 men on horses attacked them viciously and those 3000 left the ground. Abbas bin Ali (R.A) was holding the Alam of Hussain’s Army.

Then, Ibn Ziyad ordered to kill the horses of those 32 men. Thus arrows were shot which killed the horses. Then everyone was on foot.

On 10 Muharram, Hazrat Hussain (R.A) sent Hazrat Zuhair (R.A) to Maloon Shimr that they want to offer namaz. Shimr and his companions rejected the offer. Then, Imam Hussain (R.A) said,” Half of the men offer namaz, and the other half fight the army.”

When the companions of Hazrat Hussain died, it was time for Ahle Bait. Among the Ahle Bait, Ali Akbar (R.A) was the first one to go. Total 17 Ahle Bait members were martyred on Karbala.

Hazrat Ali Akbar (R.A):

Hazrat Ali Akbar (R.A) was the eldest son of Hazrat Hussain (R.A). It is said that his face has similarities with the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

On 10 Muharram, Hazrat Hussain (R.A) ordered Ali Akbar (R.A) to meet his brother Sajjad (R.A), his mother Leila, and his aunt Hazrat Zainab (R.A) before going to fight. One companion of Hussain (R.A) noticed Ali Akbar (R.A) went out of the camp and then he quickly went into the camp again. Hussain (R.A) said, “His aunt Zainab (R.A) and his mother are not letting him go out of love.” Ali Akbar (R.A) was thirsty for three days. His mother Leila kept pondering over the water pot whether there was a drop of water left to give it to her son Ali Akbar.

When Ali Akbar (R.A) went to fight, Hazrat Hussain came from behind again. Ali Akbar (R.A) said, “Baba! let me fight.” Hussain (R.A) replied, “I wish you had a young son so you would know how painful it is to see your son going to die.” Ali Akbar (R.A) and the Yazidi army fought. A pointed weapon hit his chest and he fell. Hazrat Hussain (R.A) came rushing towards his dying son. He then pulled the weapon out from his chest. Hazrat Ali Akbar’s (R.A) soul then went towards the heavens.

Qasim bin Hassan (R.A):

Hazrat Hassan bin Ali (R.A) had a son named Qasim. He was almost two years old when Hazrat Hassan (R.A) left the world. On the death bed, Hazrat Hassan (R.A) was having severe chest pain. Hazrat Hussain (R.A) was in the room with him. Hassan (R.A) forbade anyone to come into the room and saw him in pain like that. However, his two-year-old son Qasim entered the room and climbed to his father’s (Hazrat Hassan) Chest. The wife of Hazrat Hassan Umme Farwa shouted from outside the room to send Qasim back. Hazrat Hassan replied, ” Let him stay with me. When he puts his head on my chest, I feel no pain.” This Qasim is one of the martyrs of Karbala.

Qasim and Karbala:

At the time of Karbala, Qasim bin Hassan (R.A) was 13 years old. He asked his Uncle Imam Hussain (A.S) to let him go and fight the Yazidi army. Hazrat Hussain (A.S) replied you are the memorial of my brother Hassan. Hazrat Hussain kept on refusing him. Qasim’s mother Umme Farwah found Qasim weeping outside the camp. Upon asking what happened, Hazrat Qasim said Uncle Hussain was not letting him fight the army.

She gave Qasim a letter which she was hiding from everyone. She told him to give it to your Uncle Hussain. Qasim delivered this letter to Hazrat Hussain. When Hazrat Hussain (R.A) opened it, tears started to fell. It was a letter from Hazrat Hassan (R.A) just before his death. In this letter, there was written that “Oh my Brother, when you would be surrounded, outnumbered and given no water and had to fight, let Qasim fight for you.” Hazrat Hussain started crying and said, “Even after death, my brother is taking care of me.”

He let Hazrat Qasim go and fight. There was a famous swordsman Irzka. He sent his sons to fight Qasim. Hazrat Qasim killed all of them. Then, the whole army battalion attacked Qasim. A weapon hit his head and he fell off the horse. Just when he was falling from his horse, Qasim shouted Oh My Uncle! Hazrat Hussain rushed towards him. Till then, the army of hundreds had already martyred him, and horses ground his body. Hazrat Hussain (R.A) reached there, dispersed the attackers, quickly lifted his dead body, and came back to the camp.

Hazrat Abbas bin Ali (R.A):

Abbas bin Ali (R.A) was 36 years old when Karbala happened. He was so tall and powerful that when he used to sit on the horse, his feet would touch the ground. No one dared to fight him one on one. Historians wrote that he was equal to the whole army. On 9 Muharram when Yazidi forces attacked Imam Hussain’s army, Hazrat Abbas bin Ali (R.A) was very happy. He got the opportunity to destroy all the attackers. Hazrat Hussain (R.A) refrained him from attacking and ordered him to go to Umer bin Saad and say attack on 10 Muharram. Maloon Umer bin Saad’s army said let’s attack them the next day.

Sakeena and Abbas bin Ali:

On the Next day, Sakeena (A.S), the daughter of Hazrat Hussain, came rushing to his uncle Hazrat Abbas bin Ali and said,” Oh Uncle, me and my brother Ali Asghar (6-month-old son of Hazrat Hussain) are thirsty for 3 days.” Hazrat Abbas went outside to the River of Euphrates to fill the pot with water for Sakeena (A.S). Abbas himself was thirsty but wanted Sakeena (A.S) to drink first. A person from the Yazidi army shot an arrow at him. It cut his right hand. Then another arrow cut his left hand. Hazrat Abbas (A.S) held the water pot from the mouth. Another arrow was shot which hit directly on the water pot. Water started flowing out. Another weapon was thrown which hit Abbas’ head and he fell to the ground. Then, the last arrow was shot which hit Abbas’s eye. He shouted” Ya Hussain”.

Hazrat Hussain came outside and came rushing towards him. When he saw Abbas dying, Hussain (R.A) said, “if you have any wish you can say.” He said, “Mola, I want to see you one last time. There is an arrow in one eye and blood on the other. Please wipe the blood from my second eye so I could see you.” Hazrat Hussain wiped the blood. Then Hazrat Hussain said, I also have a wish Oh Abbas can you fulfill? Hazrat Abbas said sure. Hazrat Hussain said,” My whole life you have called me Mola. Call me brother this time.” When Abbas called Hazrat Husain,” My brother”, his spirit left the body.

A Flag with Abbas bin Ali written on it.
A Flag with Abbas bin Ali written on it.

Ali Asghar (A.S):

Ali Asghar is the Six-month-old Son of Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain held him when everyone was martyred in Karbala. Ali Asghar was also thirsty. A six-month-old thirsty son was crying for water. Maloon Hurmala shot the arrow which pierced Ali Asghar’s throat. Hussain had the body of his six-month-old innocent son in his hands.

Hazrat Hussain (A.S):

Before the Asr on 10 Muharram, Hazrat Hussain (R.A) fell asleep. When he woke up, he started smiling. Sister Zainab (R.A) asked,” why are you smiling.” Hussain replied,” I saw Grandfather Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said he is here to take me with him.”

When every male member of Ahlul Bayt was martyred, it was time for Hazrat Hussain. He fought hard with the Zulfiqar sword in his hand. At the time of Asr, Tamimi first hit Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain fell. Then Sanan Bin Anas hit Imam Hussain on the chest. After that Khaula bin Yazid came forward to cut Imam’s head but got scared. Then Maloon Shimr came forward and cut the Imam’s neck.

Hazrat Hussain’s second son Ali Ausat (R.A), also known as Sajjad and Zainul Abideen was seriously ill. He was laying in the camp. When Yazidi’s army entered the camp, they wanted to kill him as well. He was so ill that they thought he would die eventually. It was his fate that he lived after that. Hazrat Muhammad’s descendants and all the Syeds are from Hazrat Zain ul Abideen (R.A) lineage.

Martyrs in the Battle of Karbala:

Following were the martyrs in the battle of Karbala:

Sons of Ali bin Abi Talib

Following sons of Hazrat Ali Murtaza was martyred in Karbala:

1) Hussain bin Ali

2) Abbas bin Ali

3) Jaffer bin Ali (Brother of Ghazi Abbas)

4) Abu Bakr bin Ali

5) Umer bin Ali

6) Usman bin Ali

Sons of Hassan bin Ali:

) Qasim bin Hassan

2) Abdullah bin Hassan

3) Beshr bin Hassan

4) Abu Bakr bin Hassan

5) Umer bin Hassan

Sons of Hussain:

1) Ali Akbar

2) Ali Asghar

Sons of Abbas bin Ali:

1) Ubeydullah bin Abbas

2) Qasim bin Abbas

Grandsons of Jaffer bin Abi Talib (Brother of Hazrat Ali):

1) Aun bin Abdullah bin Jaffer

2) Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Jaffer

3) Another grandson named Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Jaffer

Sons of Aqeel bin Abi Talib (Brother of Hazrat Ali):

1) Jaffer bin Aqeel

2) Abdul Rehman bin Aqeel

3) Mohammad ibn Saeed ibn Aqeel

Other companions were non-Banu Hashim. The Famous ones are Hazrat Hur, Hazrat Zuhair ,Habib etc.

Al Beruni writes that the tents of Ahlul Bayt were then set on fire. The Jewellery of the women accompanying Imam Hussain was looted. Every woman was captured and chained. The bodies of the martyrs were run over by Horses.

The Difficulties of Sakeena binte Hussain (A.S):

Sakeena (A.S) was the three-year-old daughter of Hazrat Hussain. Hazrat Hussain loved her very much. Whenever Hazrat Hussain (R.A) used to come home, he used to ask about Sakeena first. Imam Hussain once said, “Home is not home without Sakeena.”

When everyone was martyred in Karbala and only Imam Hussain was left. Imam rode on horse Zuljinah and ordered Zuljinah to help him in attacking the Yazidi army. Zuljinah refused to go. Hazrat Hussain (R.A) asked Zuljinah, ” Why you are not following the order.” Zuljinah gave the signal to look behind by raising the back. Hazrat Hussain looked back and saw Sakeena holding the legs of Zuljinah.

Hazrat Hussain said,” Oh Sakeena let the horse go.” She said,” Baba don’t go. Uncle Abbas went outside and had not come back since. I fear if you go you would not come back.”

When Hazrat Hussain was martyred, camps were looted and women left were chained, Ibn Ziyad army also chained Sakeena (A.S). The three-year-old hands were in chains. There was a distance of hundreds of miles from Karbala to Yazid’s court. Shoes were taken off from her feet and she was made to travel on naked foot. Those days were hot and desert sand gets heated quickly. She traveled on a hot desert on foot with her hands chained. When her feet would hurt, she would walk on toe-tips. Due to heat, iron chains used to heat up and it started to hurt her even more. She would cry. Maloon Shimr the Filthy Dog used to slap her. When she reached court, her face was full of injuries from slaps she got, her feet were swollen, her teeth were broken from slaps, and her hand’s skin was red due to chains.

Death of Sakeena (A.S):

Hazrat Sakeena (A.S) used to cry all night remembering her father and her little brother Ali Asghar. She was kept in jail with other captives. One night she fell asleep crying. She saw her father Hazrat Hussain in her dreams. When she woke up she got excited. She told her Aunt Zainab that her baba came in her dreams and said that he was here to take her with him. Everyone in the jail started crying. Suddenly, Sakeena fell to the ground. Ali Ausat loudly said, ” Inna-lillahi-wa-inna-elaihi-rajiun.” The time has come for Sakeena to meet his father Hussain, her brothers Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar, her beloved uncle Abbas, her grandfather Ali ibn Abi Talib and her great grandfather Prophet Mohammad-ur-Rasoolallah (PBUH).

When an Old Woman Met Zainab binte Ali:

When Zainab binte Ali (R.A) and other captives were on their way, the Yazidi army stopped to eat food. They did not offer anything to Ahlul Bayt captives. One old Ethiopian woman was seeing this from the top of her home’s roof. She climbed down and went out to see the captives. She brought some food and water and quickly gave it to Zainab and other captives while the Yazidi army was busy eating and drinking. Hazrat Zainab and other captives quickly ate and drank the water.

Hazrat Zainab thanked that woman and said why you did this favor when everyone was torturing us. The old woman replied, “When I was young, I was the servant of the daughter of the last prophet Hazrat Fatima (A.S). When Hazrat Fatima was about to leave this world, I requested her to give me a piece of advice. She said You are from Syria and near Damascus. I order you whenever you see any captives (Prisoners), give them food and water.” The old woman continued, “All my life I saw no prisoner or captive”. When I saw you, her order came to my mind. That is why I gave you food and water.

Hazrat Zainab replied,” You did great service for us. We have nothing to offer you. We can only pray for you. Tell me what you want and I would say Ameen to that.” The old woman said, “I only have one wish. When I left the home of Hazrat Fatima, she had three beautiful small children- Hassan, Hussain, and Zainab. In the last few weeks, my heart is desiring them to see.” Hazrat Zainab said,” Your dua is fulfilled. I am Zainab, the daughter of Fatima. And the head you are seeing on a spike is of Fatima’s son and my brother Hussain.”

An Incident of Generosity of Ahlul Bayt and Battle of Karbala:

One time, there was no food in Fatima’s home. Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S) went out and bought some grains. Fatima made the flour out of them. Only Hassan, Hussain, and Zainab, who were very small, could be fed from this small amount of flour. Ali and Fatima had not eaten as well. When the food was placed before Hassan, Hussain, and Zainab, an orphan knocked on the door and said,” I am hungry, give me food.” Hazrat Ali and Fatima gave the food which was made for Hassan, Hussain, and Zainab. These three children became happy as well and said to their parents they did the right thing.

Years later, the children of these three became orphans. Water and food were banned for them. Zainab’s sons were martyred and were thirsty and hungry for 3 days. The same happened with Hassan’s sons. Hazrat Hussain’s two sons received the same treatment. Hazrat Hussain’s daughter Sakeena (A.S) and his son Ali Ausat (R.A) were also denied food and water in the battle of Karbala and after that in Yazid’s jail.

Hussain is the hero of both Muslims and non-muslims.
Hussain is the hero of both Muslims and non-muslims.

Court of Yazid:

That old Ethiopian woman continued with the Karbala captives. When Zainab and other Ahle Bayt women entered Damascus, stones were thrown at them.

When they reached the court of Yazid, the Yazid ordered to bring the humiliated captives. Then the old woman, who could not stand still and had hunchback due to the age, stood up with fervor. She said you called “humiliated” to the most honorable personalities. Yazid ordered the soldiers in his army to kill the old Ethiopian woman. There were a few Ethiopian soldiers in the Yazid army. They drew out their Swords and said she was Ethiopian and our love for Ethiopia could not allow us to see her getting murdered.

Yazid then withdrew the order of an old woman killing to save the court from bloodshed. Upon seeing this, Zainab looked at Medinah and faced Prophet Muhammad Shrine, and said,” Oh Nana, there is no one drawing swords for your granddaughters.”

Hazrat Zainab (R.A) Sermon in the Court of Yazid:

Yazid started humiliating the martyrs of Karbala.

Battle of Badr is the first biggest battle. In this, 70 non-Muslims were killed. Out of these 70, 35 were killed by Ali ibn Abi Talib. Yazid’s uncles, maternal grandfather, were all killed by Ali ibn Abi Talib and Hazrat Ameer Hamza.

Upon looking at all the heads, he said,” If my ancestor who died in Badr were alive, they would be proud of me that I have taken their revenge.” He further went on and said they (Ahle Bayt) were despicable which is why they were defeated.

Hazrat Zainab then spoke with full determination. She first said the name of Allah and sent durood on Nabi. Then she recited Wa-tu-izzu-mantasha- Wa-tu zillu-Mantasha. She said,” let some time pass, my brother’s name will be taken everywhere and no one will even spit on you.”

In that court, there was a Sahabi “Noman bin Basheer” present. He was old and blind. When he heard the sermon of Zainab, he quickly shook the hands of the person sitting nearby. He said Ali ibn Talib is here. I am hearing Ali ibn Talib. Then the person sitting nearby who was also a Muslim said,” Zainab is speaking, the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib.”

Hazrat Zain ul Abideen (R.A) Sermon in the Court of Yazid:

Yazid appointed a person to give a sermon about how Hussain (A.S) was wrong and needed to be killed. Hazrat Sajjad, who is the son of Hussain and also known as Ali Ausat or Zain-al -Abideen, stopped him by saying let me give a sermon. Yazeed refused but people in the court insisted Yazeed let Sajjad speak. Sajjad (Zain ul Abideen) started by praising Allah and Nabi. Then he spoke about the qualities of Ali, Hussain bin Ali and those who were martyred.

The sermon of Hazrat Ali Ausat (Zain al Abideen) shook everyone in the court. Yazid quickly realized people had started siding with him.

He quickly ordered a person in his court to start Adhaan so that Zain ul Abideen would stop. Adhan started, Sajjad became quiet. When the Muazzin said,” Ashadu-anna- Muhammad-ur-Rasoolallah.” Ali Ausat quickly said with determination, Oh Yazid tell me, the name in Adhaan is of your grandfather or my grandfather.

When the head of Imam Hussain was placed before Yazid, he started hitting it with a stick. Sahabi Zaid bin Arqam was there. He shouted,” Oh Yazeed, put that stick away. I have seen Prophet Muhammad kissing this face.”

Incident of Harra (Waqia Harra) After the Battle of Karbala:

When Imam Hussain was martyred in the battle of Karbala, the People of Medina broke the Bai’yat and openly opposed Yazid. Then, Yazid sent forces to the medina to punish the people of the medina. The army killed thousands of Muslims including Sahabas, raped Muslim women, and killed children. Moreover, this Yazidi army looted the jewelry and burned the homes of Muslims. Medinah is the place where Prophet Muhammad’s grave is there. Yazidi army did not even respect it and all these crimes happened around Prophet’s home.

Hazrat Anas bin Malik (R.A) was very sorrowful from this attack. One day, he received a letter from Zaid ibn Arqam(R.A). In this letter, Zaid Ibn Arqam wrote,” Don’t be sorrow, Anas. Have you forgotten Prophet already told us about this? One day Prophet said Oh people of Medinah when I’ll be gone, you will be oppressed. You must remain patient and you would eventually meet me at Hauz e Kausar. I will get you justice on Hauz e Kausar.”

The Prediction of Battle of Karbala:

Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to his wife, “Don’t let anyone come into my room, a special angel who has never been on Earth is coming to meet me.” Hazrat Hussain came to meet his Grandfather. Prophet’s wife stopped him. Hazrat Hussain started crying. Then she let him go. After some time, Umme Salma heard Prophet Muhammad weeping. She quickly entered the room. Prophet Muhammad was hugging Hussain while he was in tears. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said, “Umme Salma! This angel is telling me your Ummat will kill Hussain and even bought the sand where Hussain’s blood will first fall.”

One time, Hazrat Ali was traveling with his slave. When Hazrat Ali reached near the Euphrates at Karbala, Hazrat Ali said “OH Aba Abdulla (Hussain) be patient.” Slave said,” Hussain is in Medinah.” Hazrat Ali said,” You don’t know what I know.”

On 10 Muharram, Sahabi Abdullah bin Abbas (R.A) saw Prophet Muhammad in his dream. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was carrying a bottle full of blood. Abdullah bin Abbas asked, Oh Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) what has happened? Nabi (PBUH) replied,” This is the blood of Hussain and his companions and I am collecting it. On the day of Judgement, I will present the case of Hussain and Karbala in front of Allah.”

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A) used to say, ” Oh Allah! Don’t let me see 60 Hijri.”

He also used to say, “Oh Allah! give me death before any young man holds the government and he will cut the heads on petty issues.” It is now clear that Prophet told him about Yazid.

The city of Karbala- where the Shrine of Imam Hussain and his companions are there.
The city of Karbala- where the Shrine of Imam Hussain and his companions are there.

Battle of Karbala | How the Killers of Imam Hussain and Ahlul Bayt Died?

Hazrat Mukhtar Saqfi (R.A) was in Jail when the battle of Karbala happened. He was the lover of Hazrat Ali and Ahlul Bayt. When he was released and received the news that Imam Hussain and his companions were martyred, he decided to avenge them. He decided to kill everyone who was on the battlefield against Hazrat Hussain (A.S).

Death of Shimr- The Filthy Dog:

Prophet Muhammad once said,” A black and white filthy dog will drink the blood of my children.” Shimr had a skin disease that caused a black and white patch on his skin. Hazrat Mukhtar Saqfi and his companions fought Shimr and his army in 66 Hijri. Shimr left the battlefield and went into hiding. Mukhtar sent men to find him. They found Shimr and killed him. His head was cut off just like he cut Imam’s head and his body was thrown to hungry dogs.

Death of Hurmala:

Hurmala, who was responsible for the death of Ali Asghar, was also killed by Hazrat Mukhtar Saqfi. Hurmala was resting in the cave when Mukhtar and his companions surrounded him. Mukhtar offered him one on one duel with a sharp knife. Before fighting, Hurmala told the story about how he killed that six-month-old Ali Asghar in the Karbala. When the fight started, Mukhtar threw the knife which hit him directly where the arrow hit Ali Asghar- his throat. Hurmala fell to the ground with a sharp knife stuck in his throat. He died bleeding and suffocating.

Death of Ibn Ziyad:

Ibn Ziyad was the governor of Kufa and was one of the leaders of the army of Yazid. First, the head of Hussain was put in front of him. He started hitting it with a stick. Sahabi Anas bin Malik was there. He shouted put that stick away. I have seen Prophet kissing this face. Ibne Ziyad said, if you were not old, I would have cut your head as well.

Mukhtar Saqfi army fought the Ibne Ziyad army six years after the Karbala incident. Ibrahim (a member of the Mukhtar Saqfi army) captured him. He killed him swiftly. Then he cut Ziyad’s head and placed it where he placed Imam Hussain’s head six years ago. Ibne Ziyad was thirsty and was shouting give me water before the death.

Death of Yazid bin Muwaviya:

The character of Yazid was despicable. He was brought up in a non-muslim family. His mother was non-Mulsim and her character was objectable. Hazrat Muwaviya divorced her and she took Yazid with her. She used to tell Yazid that Ali ibn Abi Talib, Ameer Hamza, and Prophet Muhammad defeated his ancestors on Battlefield and killed them.

Historians have written two scenarios of Yazid’s death.

One is that he got the disease of the stomach and colon. He could not able to eat or drink and he would remain in continuous pain. A bad smell would come from him. No one would dare to stand next to him due to the bad smell. The water he used to drink would only increase pain. He used to drink alcohol to ease the pain. One day, he asked where was his monkey? People replied it had gone outside. Yazid rode on a horse to look for his monkey. Due to pain, he could not sit properly. When the horse ran, he fell to the ground while his foot stuck. His head kept on hitting the ground and the horse kept on running. Then he was thrown in the middle of the desert. Birds and insects ate his dead body before soldiers found his rotten body.

The other incident is that Yazeed fell in love with a Roman girl. She invited him alone in the desert. When Yazid went there, she killed him with the dagger. He was left alone to die. Days later, soldiers found his body. Insects and Birds ate most of the rotten bodies. That’s the second story found in the history book about how Yazid bin Muwaviya died.

Muwaviya bin Yazid Decision | What Happened to the Throne After Yazid?

When Yazid died, his son Muwaviya bin Yazid was offered the throne. He was a teenager. He refused to become caliph and said that he would not accept any throne which was built on the blood and bodies of Ahle Bayt. A few months later, Muwaviya bin Yazid died as well. All sects in Islam respect him but condemn his own father’s actions. Yazid shed the blood of Hazrat Hussain and Ahle Bayt just to stay on the throne and pass it to his son. To his woe, his son refused to accept the throne. Marwan bin Hakam captured the throne and then he and his descendants ruled Muslims.


All-inclusive, the battle of Karbala was indeed a tragic incident in the history of Islam. The grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was honored with martyrdom in it. After the battle, Hussain became the symbol of Truth and Justice. People are always giving the example of Hussain’s patience whenever they are oppressed. Hussain is also an idol of non-muslims. Nelson Mandela also praised Hussain and his determination of standing in front of an oppressed system. May Allah guide us to walk on the path of Imam Hussain.

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