Bakra lives matter! Eid ul Adha 2021 and animal sacrifice ritual

Bakra lives movement trending on Twitter against animal sacrifice on eid ul adha
⟶ Bakra lives movement trending on Twitter against animal sacrifice on eid ul adha
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On the day of Eid ul Adha, Twitter is trending with a hashtag of “Bakra lives matter.” However, not all the people using this hashtag are against animal sacrifice. But we can see mixed tweets of people who are against the rituals and those who are supporting them. Read the complete article to know about the views of both sides. Also, we will analyze the grounds of this ritual and tell you why Muslims slaughter cattle today.

People who supporting Bakra lives matter

Most of the people who are against animal sacrifice on eid are Indian Hindus. This is because they consider cows as sacred as mothers. Hindus respect the cows so much that even their urine is a sacred thing for them. They usually use cow urine to cure various diseases. So, it’s common for them to get aggressive on a day when Muslims slaughters millions of cows. Moreover, most Hindus are vegetarians and they feel that it’s wrong to kill animals for the sake of taste. That is why, today on Eid ul Adha, Hindus have started this trend on Twitter. However, some Indian Muslims and vegetarian non-Muslim all around the world supporting it.

People who are against this movement

Now, there is a trend war started on Twitter as the Muslims are also using the same hashtag to support animals sacrifice. Muslims are replying to the supporters of the movement with the logic of Islam, science, and reality.

Many Hindus of the movement are saying that eid should be as eco-friendly as Diwali. There should be no bloodshed on the eid.

However, a Muslim replied that Diwali is also harmful to the environment as it causes air pollution.

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A statement from Bakra Lives matter and a reply in support of animal sacrifice

Similarly, a Twitter user criticized that animals sacrifice only gives pain to the animal. Instead, Muslims should donate food or money to someone.
As a reply, another tweeter user claimed that why Hindus do not think about the pain of black goats who they sacrifice for the sake of “Kali Maata” (Hindu’s Goddess).

Similarly, many people who are sacrificing the cattle today are arguing that the whole world eats KFC and McDonald’s. Those are also animals and feel the same pain. There are millions of chickens and other animals that non-Muslim eat every day. But when it comes to Muslim rituals world feels it is unfair. The ritual of slaughtering animals is only to feed the poor who cannot afford the meat.

Statement in support of animal sacrifice on Eid ul Adha
Statement in support of animal sacrifice on Eid ul Adha

Why do Muslims slaughter animals on Eid-ul-Adha

If we analyze, almost every tradition or festival of Muslims has a long history. Similarly, Eid ul Adha is a history of sacrifice that truly meant giving away the most precious thing. It was the trial of prophet Ibrahim who knew that his son is most precious to him. Allah asked to offer up the precious thing and prophet Ibrahim (R.A) went to sacrifice his son. However, at the last movement, with the command of Allah, a cattle appeared instead of Ibrahim’s son.

But the question raised there that why a cattle? Why there was not a tree or a vegetable or something precious like money as an alternate of the son. That is because the requirement was to learn to get rid of emotional attachment. The attachment we have from our pets is the same as we have for kids. Similarly, Muslims take care of their cattle as their children. They feed them, spend time with them, and get emotionally attached to them. And finally, on the day of Eid ul Adha, they have to slaughter their beloved cattle in the name of Allah. Only when a person willingly withdraws from worldly emotional attachments, it is more likely to get closed with the eternal one, the Almighty Allah. The sacrifices are a lesson for Muslims that no attachment is more than the relation between humans and God.

Bakra lives matter! Are Muslims cruel?

According to this movement, Muslims are cruel as they don’t feel pity for cattle. Do you think a person who raised a goat like a child and then slaughters them would not have felt any pain? It’s a sad experience for them as they are attached to their beloved animals. However, it is the real spirit of sacrifice to feel the pain of separation. Muslims then share the meat of their slaughtered animals with poor people and relatives. In this way, the poor people who could not afford meat in the whole year get plenty of it on eid. On one side, this eid gives the Muslims lesson to only stay close to Allah leaving all the worldly attachments behind. On other hand, it teaches the riches one to share their precious things with poor people.

Every religion has their rituals and their obligations. In any case, if we don’t understand theirs believes it doesn’t mean we have the authority to stop them. Live and let live in peace.

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