Baekhyun Trending Top on Twitter With his Tweets

Baekhyun trending top on Twitter
⟶ Baekhyun trending top on Twitter
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Exo’s baekhyun trending top on Twitter all around the world just by a few tweets. Notably, he was not active on social media for a few months as he left EXO. The most loved member of Korean music band EXO is now back on Twitter with his few tweets for his fan. In just a few minutes he added 15 tweets that created a hustle on Twitter. All his fans were shocked as well as happy to see him active on Twitter. In just one hour his fans all around the world used his hashtags and made Baehkyun trending top on Twitter. Let’s know where is Baekhyun right now and what he said in his tweets.

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Recent tweets by Baekhyun trending top

The Exo’s member and Korean actor Baekhyun left the industry temporarily to complete his military services. According to the country’s rule, many actors and singers during their careers take a break for military training. Baekhyun’s fans are eagerly waiting for his coming back and keeps track of his each and every update. However, for a few months, he had not updated his Twitter account.

Now suddenly he took Twitter and showered it with lovely tweets for his fans. His way to surprise the fans was admirable and soon Baekhyun trending top without any concert or song release. He said hello to his fans and told them that he misses them a lot. In the next tweet, he asked if his fans miss him or not? Another tweet was about the song he was listening to. He told that he is currently listening to “Is it me?” And imagining if he is the main character. Here are some translated tweets of him.

Baekhyun tweets
Baekhyun trending top on Twitter with his tweets

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In another tweet, he stated that he want to a concert again as he missing his fans a lot. He looks out previous videos and misses the time when he was an active member of EXO. Baekhyun also assured his fans that he is doing fine, living life as a high schooler, eating a lot, and taking care of his health. In the series of tweets, he also mentioned that he is not feeling well as he missing his fans a lot. He is waiting to finish his training to meet his fans again. Baekhyun also added some mushy tweets that flattered his fans.

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