Autism making it tough to identify anger via facial expressions

Autism Spectrum Disorder- is a disease having a wide range of symptoms. In general, it is the difficulty in communication and social interaction.
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June 5, at the University of Birmingham new research, took place. They explained that autism patient’s ability to identify facial expressions is highly affected by the speed and intensity of expressions. Therefore, they are unable to identify anger from facial expressions.

What is Autism

It is a Spectrum Disorder- is a disease having a wide range of symptoms. In general, it is the difficulty in communication and social interaction. Patients show constant hyper behavior sometimes. However, the symptoms appear in the first three years of life mainly. ASD might continue throughout life, but sometimes symptoms improve gradually. However, the exact cause of ASD is still unknown.

 Image shows the common autistic strengths.
Common Autistic Strengths

Researchers suggest that it could be a mixture of environmental, genetic, and non-genetic factors. For example, Denovo mutations in the sperm and egg of the parents can play havoc with genes for brain development. This can lead to family genetic disorder.


  • No eye contact
  • Narrow interest range in different topics
  • Social anxiety
  • Bad communication skills
  • Talking in a robotic voice
  • Problems understanding gestures
  • Not listening to others

Difficulties of Autistic people

Autistic patients feel difficulty in identifying anger from facial expressions. In alexithymia- there is a marked failure in social awareness. The relationship between ASD and Alexithymia was explored in the past ten years.

In the research, 31 Autistic and 29 ordinary people participated. First, they had to identify emotions from pictures of moving objects. Firstly, researchers found everything normal between both categories of participants. However, the ASD group was unable to locate anger expressions.

Whereas the alexithymia patients identify the expressions at an extremely emotional level. For example, a happy person would be way happier for alexithymia patients. In conclusion, they see the extreme emotional level.

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Autistic people go through common phobias. They seem shell-shocked sometimes. Therefore, they show obsessive-compulsive behavior. Some patients go through sleep disorders daily. The social skills are poorly developed.

How to deal with autism patients

Firstly, you must be consistent. Create a safe environment at home. Don’t mess with the schedule. Pay attention to every activity of your child. Never ignore him. Spend quality time with the patient and boost his confidence. Therefore, Love your child and always give him time. In conclusion, This is how you can treat an autistic.

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