Artificial Intelligence in the Health industry can Change our lives.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Industry: Check out what's new
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One basic difference between today’s world and the world our great grandfathers lived in is Advancement in Technology. The curiosity of humans has led to many important inventions and discoveries. Some of the inventions have the potential to destroy the whole world like Atom bombs, Hydrogen bombs, missiles, etc. But Some Inventions are like blessings to us. One of the most prominent inventions is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has numerous applications in different industries, but here we will talk about the application of Artificial Intelligence in the Health industry.

Alan Turing, the founding father of AI, defined it as the science of making intelligent machines especially their intelligent programs. Now, more and more work is being done on Artificial intelligence due to its uncountable benefits. It has a wide range of applications in many industries but AI in the Health and military industry will play huge roles in the coming decades.

Artificial Intelligence can do wonders in Health Industry
Artificial Intelligence can begin a new era of success and wonders in Health Industry

Artificial Intelligence and health Industry- Why this combo is necessary?

The advancement in life-saving technologies is now a need of the hour. With the world facing new pandemics, climate change, floods, epidemics, and ever-evolving viruses and other pathogens, we need some serious improvement in the current scenario. This evolution to the next level can be achieved only through AI in the Health industry.

Benefits of AI in the Health industry:

Each passing year, we are seeing new AI-induced technologies in the Health sector. There is a reason why we are witnessing new experiments for new inventions in the Healthcare sector. Its Benefits outweigh some de-merits. This is how Artificial Intelligence can positively contribute:

1) Cancer can be detected at an early stage via Artificial Intelligence:

Rich countries are using AI in the Healthcare sector for the detection of cancer. AI Tool “IBM Watson” has the ability to not only detect but pinpoints treatments for cancer patients.

Another AI tool “Freenome” uses AI in screenings, diagnostic tests, and blood work to test for cancer. This tool has proven to be efficient in detecting cancer in the initial stage.

2) AI devices can now detect any abnormal body activity:

Smartwatches and other advanced devices can detect any abnormal activity of any body organ. For example, if your heartbeat is not normal, it can detect and issues an alert to you or to your doctor. A device, known as “Fitbits”, analyzed “data “to alert its user and his/her doctor.

3) Robot surgeons:

It is perhaps the most debated technology. AI in robotics will change the world. It has the potential to bring such an enormous change that it will make the industrial revolution look small. Robot surgeons are now being developed by many countries but there is still a question mark on their efficiency. However, scientists witnessed a breakthrough in 2016 when an AI robot performed successful surgery on a pig.

4) In the making of medicines:

Experts are predicting that this technology can benefit humans beyond imagination. Now, Pharmaceutical companies face the problems of high development costs, and research takes a very long time. According to a report, it took 2.6 Billion dollars to put each rug through clinical trials. Only 10 percent performs well in these.
The solution to these problems is Artificial intelligence. In 2007, we saw Robot “Adam” performed trials at a fast rate on yeast and predicted 9 new and accurate hypotheses. Another Robot “Eve” discovered “Triclosan” which successfully combatted the Malaria parasites.

5) AI is revolutionizing radiology:

Radiology is a branch of medicine in which digital imaging is used to diagnose and treat any abnormality. AI is revolutionizing Radiology. It has allowed medical health workers to efficiently and initially detect any problem. For example, Zebra medial vision is a radiology tool with AI that has saved valuable time for both patients and health workers. Today, many diagnostic processes still require body tissue samples which can cause infection. AI coupled with radiology can be used to overcome this problem.

6) AI can make Hospital administration easy:

30 percent of healthcare cost is due to administrative tasks, according to Insider Intelligence. AI can automatically perform such tasks like maintain health records, pre-authorizing insurance, handle billing activity, etc. Thus, medical administration can become easy due to AI in the Health sector.

Moreover, Google healthcare App has made it easier for hospitals and organizations to collect, access, and store data.

7) Devices Incorporated with Artificial Intelligence can provide comfort to their users.

Their detection of any abnormal activity and automatically sending an alert to doctors has relieved people from unnecessary hospital visits and additional tests. Therefore, AI in the Health sector can prove to be a great relief for its users worldwide.

What are some concerns about Artificial Intelligence in the Health Industry?

People who are against this technology presents two important concerns:

1) Health workers’ jobs are in danger:

There is a growing debate that Devices incorporated with Artificial Intelligence will snatch Jobs in the future. As a result, poverty will increase. Thus, people, in many parts of the world, are discouraging Artificial Intelligence.

2) Artificial Intelligence needs to be a secure technology:

People have concerns that Artificial Intelligence is not reliable. AI can’t decide and do What the human mind is capable of. Furthermore, humans take many other considerations like a Person’s behavior or motive which a machine cannot understand. Therefore, people are wary of opinions related to it.

The bottom line:

AI is gaining importance worldwide in almost all industries. It has many merits. AI in the Health industry is perhaps the biggest and most important use of this technology. It has the ability to detect early, treat efficiently, administer work, and many other things. People are raising some concerns over this technology but they can be addressed easily with some new inventions. You know what they say, Artificial intelligence is the need of the hour and necessity is the mother of invention.

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