Artemis Program: NASA To send a man and a woman on Moon.

Artemis Program: NASA To send a man and a woman on Moon.
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NASA is planning to send the next man and a woman on Moon in 2024. The US Space Agency named this aim the “Artemis Program.” This program is special. Why? Because it will give the world its first-ever woman to walk on Moon. The total cost of the program is whopping 28 billion Dollars. The last time NASA sent someone to Moon was in 1972 in Apollo. Now, after almost 48 years, the US Space agency is again sending humans to the moon.

During Trump’s Presidency, the project outlined its astronauts as” The next man and the first woman.” Now, due to Joe Biden’s Policy of equality, it has become “ The next man of color and the first woman.” In 2021, NASA urgently needs 3.2 billion dollars for a human landing system. House of Representatives approved 600 Million dollars but the US space agency responded that full 3.2 billion dollars are required.

Astronauts will travel in a capsule called Orion. This capsule will be launched on a Rocket called SLS.

Apollo-like capsule called "Orient" will carry the astronauts to the Moon in 2024 according to Artemis Program.
This Apollo-like capsule called “Orient” will carry the astronauts to the Moon in 2024.

Purpose of Artemis program:

There are 3 main purposes:

1) The first purpose of this program is to establish a sustainable presence on Earth’s natural satellite- Moon. Climate change and over-population are forcing the world powers to think out of the box. This thinking out of the box will lead humans to live out of the Earth. Experts are predicting that Earth will become inhabitable if Climate change and population growth don’t stop.

2) Similarly, the other purpose of this program is to become a stepping stone in establishing a sustainable life on Mars.

3) The third main purpose is to re-establish US Space Supremacy. China is investing huge money in its Space programs. If the USA doesn’t take some serious measures, China will become a Space “Superpower.” Therefore, the USA is going with this program.

Phases of this historical Program:

There are three important phases of this program:

1) Artemis-1:

This phase will be conducted in the Autumn of 2021. This phase will last for about one month to check and test out all the “critical” systems.

2) Artemis-2:

In this phase, astronauts will also be a part. But This time, astronauts will only have a trip around the moon and not on the lunar surface.

3) Artemis-3:

In this phase, NASA will send astronauts to Moon’s surface. This phase will happen in 2024.

All-inclusive, Artemis program aim is to re-establish US Space supremacy and dominance. The positive thing about this program is that more exploration of the moon’s surface will be done. Debates are happening around the world about whether we should leave earth and settle on the Moon and Mars. We would have to wait and see what the future holds for us.

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