Afghan Protesters threw stones at Pakistan Army! Here’s why

Afghan protesters threw stones at Pakistan forces
⟶ Afghan protesters threw stones at Pakistan forces
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Recently, Afghan protesters threw stones at Pakistani forces near the most significant borders. Matters aggravated after a 56-year-old died of a heart attack. Clashes broke out at the Chaman-Spin Boldak crossing as the deceased traveller while waiting succumbed to death. This isn’t what’s only happening. We have a lot more to tell you! Read all about how the Taliban have captured Kandahar and a lot more going on in Afghanistan!

Last month the Taliban were pretty successful in capturing the majority of Afghanistan including the crossing. They announced its closure on August 6 and visa-free travel for Afghans was closed. Now, the Taliban are demanding Pakistan to allow Afghans to cross the border with either a Pakistani ID card or with a refugee card.

Why Afghan Protesters threw stones at Pakistani forces?

A commercially important border known as the Chaman-Spin Boldak crossing became the site of clashes. After its closure by the Taliban, clashes broke out among hundreds of Afghan protesters and Pakistani forces. This border is Afghanistan’s main entry towards the Pakistani seacoast. Moreover, it is the second busiest entry point to Afghanistan which they had landlocked. Near to thousand trucks used to cross this border before the Taliban closed it. Moreover, the Western region claims that Pakistan serves as a safeguard for many terrorists. However, Pakistan denied all of such allegations. Read about the recent “Pak-Afghan crisis.” It mentioned that political settlement is a better way to deal with Afghan conflicts.

The death of the 56-year-old man escalated the riots. The protestors took his body to a local Pakistani office where they asked them to reopen the border. Moreover, Afghan protesters threw stones at Pakistani forces. The security forces responded via firing tear gas. However, no one reported any injuries.

Will Taliban head towards Kabul after capturing Kandahar?

Taliban has captured Afghanistan’s second and third largest cities that marks the biggest prizes for them. The last troops of the US are about to leave the Afghan State. In the meanwhile, Taliban are controlling two-thirds of the country now. The fight of the last two decades is reaching its destination. However, the results seem quite complicated. Around 2.9 million Afghanis are displaced internally due to the ongoing riots.

So far the Taliban has successfully controlled 18 provincial capitals of Afghanistan.

Provincial capitals in Taliban control
Provincial capitals in Taliban control. Red color shows the capitals under Taliban control. Image Source: DAWN

Afghanistan is tipping towards civil war and the West must understand that the Taliban is not a single entity but a title for a myriad of competing interests,

United Kingdom’s Defence Minister

However, Kabul isn’t under any threat but the escalating violence knows no boundaries. The US has planned to send around 3000 troops to help the personnel in the US Embassy. Moreover, Britain will deploy 600 troops to help evacuate the nationals leaving the country. Further, Netherlands might also have to close its embassy. Due to the worsening situation, Denmark is also closing its embassy and evacuating staff.

The local commander “Ismail Khan” who was leading militia resistance in Herat is also now captured by the Taliban. However, the provincial council member Ghulam Habib Hashimi already mentioned that Taliban won’t harm any leader who surrenders.

“We demand an immediate end to attacks against cities, urge a political settlement, and warn that a government-imposed by force will be a pariah state,”

Zalmay Khalilzad, the US envoy to the talks

The collapse of the Afghan Forces!

It’s very surprising to witness the collapse of Afghan forces. As the US claims, it has spent $830 billion to establish a functioning state within the last twenty years. The government says that the forces are trying to safeguard the country’s capital “Kabul” and the provinces near it.

“Whatever forces are left or remaining that are in the Kabul area and the provinces around them, they’re going to be used for the defence of Kabul,”


According to DAWN, a US military intelligence assessment explains that Kabul can easily come under the control of the Taliban within 30 days. Moreover, if the circumstances remain the same the insurgents can control the whole country within a few months.

US blames Pakistan for having “terrorist safe heavens” for Afghanistan! Read how Pakistan denied the allegations!

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