“Afghan Envoy’s daughter was not Abducted”, Sheikh Rasheed

Daughter of Afghan ambassador was not kidnapped, told Sheikh Rasheed
⟶ Twist In Abduction case: Daughter of Afghan ambassador was not kidnapped, told Sheikh Rasheed
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The news about the kidnapping of Silsila Alikhil, daughter of Afghan’s Ambassador to Pakistan AliKhil, spread like the wildfire. Both national and international news agencies reported this incident. Afghan Government and Pakistan Government are face to face on this matter. The Government of Pakistan has been assuring to use every method to catch the culprits. The Afghan government even lodged a formal complaint about this matter to Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul. But now there is a twist in the whole scenario.

As the investigations are moving forward, this matter is unraveling into a part of major propaganda as claimed by Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed. According to the Minister, this claim of abduction is fake and the Afghan Envoy’s daughter was not Abducted. What is the recent development that led Pakistan to think it is propaganda and RAW is behind this? Stick with NaeTaze to know.

Sheikh Rasheed on Naya Pakistan stated that the Afghan Envoy’s daughter was not Abducted:

Sheikh Rasheed told the media that the abduction incident involving the Afghan Ambassador’s daughter was in reality, not really abduction. He categorically said on Geo News that the news “Afghan Envoy’s daughter Abducted” in Islamabad is false.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said the abduction drama is an international conspiracy and Indian Intelligence RAW is behind this. There is an International Racket to defame Pakistan which is being led by RAW.

There is also a false photograph of the Ambassador’s daughter Silsila Alikhil circulating on social media. “This is all part of Propaganda”, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed.

Sheikh Rasheed has sparked a controversy by stating that the Afghan Ambassador's daughter was not kidnapped.
Sheikh Rasheed has sparked a controversy by stating that the Afghan Ambassador’s daughter was not kidnapped.

While Speaking on Geo News’ program “Naya Pakistan”, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the investigation carried out so far has shown that there was no try of abduction of the Ambassador’s daughter. Furthermore, She had first claimed that the abuser stole her phone. Then later, she handed over her phone with all data deleted.

He further told that Investigation will end shortly and we will present the entire true picture in front of the world.

The interior minister further went on to say that Pakistan’s importance in the region has gone up due to PM’s popular foreign policy moves. India is afraid of Imran Khan’s policies about Pakistan’s geostrategic potential. Moreover, India is doing everything in its power to defame Pakistan after PM Imran Khan has said “Absolutely Not” in an interview, PM Imran Khan has ordered to make this matter of top priority and resolve this as soon as possible.

The abduction is controversial- Silsila Alikhil statements does not Support CCTV Footage:

Some discrepancies are there in the statements of Silsila Alikhil. According to Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed, Silsila Alikhil has denied going to Rawalpindi. However, in the footage, it is clear that the second driver took her to Rawalpindi. This has raised eyebrows.

Moreover, Investigators have recorded the statements of all three taxi drivers and everything is clear. According to an initial statement of Silsila, the Third taxi driver allowed another passenger to ride. Silsila Alikhil protested and that guy abused her both physically and verbally. Then he left her unconscious on side of the road.

The timing of this Alleged Kidnapping incident is also an important thing to analyze. Pakistan is going to Host Afghan Peace Conference next week. Almost three dozen officials from foreign countries will take part in this conference. Thus, it could be propaganda to malign Pakistan’s image. Moreover, it is also developing Anti-Pakistan sentiments among Afghanis.

Furthermore, everything about this incident will be transparent once the investigation will end. Investigators have three footage related to the incident and the case will be clearer when we will find the fourth video. Sheikh Rasheed told Geo News that every Indian effort to malign Pakistan will be going to fail.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry on the Abduction Incident:

Pakistan Foreign Ministry informed the media that they are in touch with Afghan Embassy. We have assured them that this matter is our Top Priority and the investigation will end very soon. Then, we can really find out what has really happened.

However, Afghanistan still withdrew its diplomats from Pakistan citing that their security is at risk. Pakistan Foreign Ministry has labeled this withdrawal of diplomats as unfortunate. The Ministry has further hoped that the Afghan government would reconsider this step, further sour relations between the two neighboring countries.

Kabul summoned Pakistan’s ambassador on alleged Kidnapping, lodged a formal complaint, and called Pakistan to take “Immediate Actions.”

Taliban also issued a statement on this incident. They have condemned the Kidnapping and urged Pakistan to arrest and Punish Perpetrators.

Sheikh Rasheed also sent a message to International Media about the proceedings of the case. He stated that we have registered a case on Silsila’s request under Sections which are 34 (Common Intent), 365 (kidnapping), 354 (assault or criminal force against women), and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) of the PPC (Pakistan Penal Code).

How this matter will unfold is still unknown. Interior Minister is claimed that the Afghan Envoy’s daughter was not Abducted. But only the final report by the investigators will tell the real story. However, one thing is sure. When this final report will go public, the International Media will highlight it, especially by India for sure. What do you feel about this whole Abduction incident? Tell us in the comments section down below!

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