Actress Özge Yağız: Biography, Dramas, Net worth, and more

Özge Yağız Age, Spouse, Dramas and more
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Greetings Ozge Yagiz fans! It is not a coincidence you are here. You must have searched Actress Ozge Yagiz on search engine. And if you have searched her, then you must be either a fan or someone who saw her in a show and trying to get to know more about her. NaeTaze is prepared for both cases. She has appeared in Adini Sen Koy as Zeliha, in Sol Yanim as Serra and in Yemin as Reyhan.

Here is Ozge Yagiz (in English alphabets) or Özge Yağız (in Turkish) Biography, net worth, relationship, dramas details you are looking for:

Actress Özge Yağız Biography | ÖZGE YAĞIZ KİMDİR:

Turkish name: Özge Yağız

English name: Ozge Yagiz

Birthday: 26 September 1997

Age/ özge yağız kaç yaşında: 23 Years

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Education: She studied communications at Bashkent University. She also took acting lessons at No10studios.

Favorite color: Black, Red

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Marital status: Engaged

özge yağız sevgilisi/Fiance: Gokberk Demirci

Net Worth: <2 Million dollars.

Talent Agency: Icon Talent Agency

Family: Ozge is the smallest in the family of 4.

Sibling: Ezgi (sister)

Hobbies: Travelling, singing, dancing.

Debut: Adini Sen Koy (You name it) in 2017.

Favorite destination: London.

Ozge Yagiz has given the superhit tv-series Yemin to entertainment fans.
Ozge Yagiz has given the superhit tv-series Yemin to entertainment fans.

Ozge Yagiz Instagram:

Actress Ozge Yagiz has always been active on Instagram and other social media platforms. She also endorsed numerous brands there. Moreover, she is also active on Facebook. There are many accounts of her on Twitter and we cannot confirm if she even uses any.

Alongside her drama projects, she does modeling as well. She has also featured in many magazines which she shared on Instagram as well.

Ozge featured on Women’s Shine Magazine

Moreover, she has also been featured on Gardirop Magazin:

Ozge Yagiz Drama List:

  • Adini Sen Koy (2016–2018):

Ozge Yagiz played the character of Zeliha.

  • Sol Yanim (2020):

Özge Yağız played the role of Serra.

  • Yemin (2019):

Özge Yağız played the role of Reyhan.

Ozge Yagiz has always made fans feel goosebumps with her top-notch expressions. Read the synopsis of her drama serials:

Adini Sen Koy (You name it):

Özge Yağız (Zeliha) appeared in 397 episodes in this serial as a supporting character. The story revolves around Omer and Zehra and how they catch feelings for each other. Omer’s sister gets seriously ill. On her wish, Omer who is a rich businessman marries Zehra. It was a contract marriage for 6 months but Omer’s sister does not know about it. How this will turn into a real relationship is a must-see.

Sol Yanim/ My Left Side/ Better half (2020):

Sol Yanim has only 12 episodes. It aired on Star Tv from 26 November 2020–21 February 2021. It is directed by Serdar Gozalekli.

Serra (Ozge Yagiz) is a young and passionate girl who studies Architecture at university. She and her mother Nilgun (Esra Bezen bilgin) lives together. They used to be rich but 7 years ago a tragedy happened. Serra’s father went bankrupt and eventually left his family. Serra’s brother committed suicide and her mother also has some psychological problems.

Serra first goes to a hotel and works there part-time. Then she goes to University for studies and then goes home to cook and clean her home. One day, a rich business gets impressed by her services offers her to ride with him to university. As she is getting late, she accepts the invitation. To her surprise, the car that’s on the door is Black Limousine. When she enters the university on Black Limousine, everyone starts to think she is rich. They start asking and investigating about her. Biricik (Cemre Baysel) and Burak (Emre Bey) become curious as well.

One day, Selim collides with Serra. Selim is a popular, rich, and handsome boy. Biricik loves him. Serra without caring about his popularity quarrels with him. This is a start of a love story.

This drama perfectly depicts how two persons with opposite natures develop feelings. Also, it also shows how difficult it is to deal with if one partner is rich and the other is poor. Will their love prevail over the social differences. You will have to view the show yourself.

Yemin or The Promise (2019):

Ozge Yagiz and Gökberk Demirci played the roles of Reyhan and Emir respectively. It is a story related to how a person can change.

Reyhan is a nice young girl who was also close to a family friend Hikmet. Hikmet wishes she marries his son and she agrees. Hikmet when diagnosed with a disease, worries about his spoiled son.

Hikmet’s son Emir is a bad man who wants to snatch his father’s fortune from him. Emir eventually agrees to marry Reyhan so that he could torture her. With time, he notices her good character and develops feelings for her. In the end, he becomes the man his father hoped for.

It is a story of character development along with a complicated love story. Ayhan Özen is the director of Yemin (2020).

Ozge Yagiz has left the show Yemin after two seasons and another actress will play Reyhan in season 3.

Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci engagement:

The reports of Özge Yağız dating her Yemin co-star Gökberk Demirci emerged two years ago.

Both confirmed their relationship. In November they got engaged. Gökberk Demirci posted on Instagram a ring-shaped balloon with other balloons with the caption “she said yes”.

The Instagram story was:

It is rather rare that an on-screen love gets carry to real life as well. They are not married yet but they are planning it.

All-inclusive, Ozge Yagiz is one of the most search Turkish actresses right now. She has been featured in three dramas. There is no doubt that many great projects lie ahead of her in the future. Which project will she choose next? you don’t have to worry about knowing that because we keep everyone updated about everything. So, keep visiting this site to know about her and many more actors and actresses around the world. If you like this article on Actress Özge Yağız, then don’t forget to give your input about her in the comment section.

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