Mark Ruffalo is sorry for his recent Anti-Israel Tweets

Mark Ruffalo is sorry for his Anti-Israel tweets
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Celebrities are voicing their opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict. They always face some sort of backlash from the people. Mark Ruffalo is the newest one to face severe criticism. He was active on Twitter about this whole situation. He posted tweets against Israel. Now, After receiving such a strong reaction, Mark Ruffalo is sorry for his tweets.

Why is Mark Ruffalo sorry and what were the tweets?

Marvel Actor tweeted that Israel is killing women and children. He also demanded to put sanctions on Israel.

Ruffalo was also promoting petition to ban US arms sales to Israel.

After severe Backlash, he tweeted:

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are also very active on social media. Both of them are supporting Palestine. Dua Lipa and Zayn Malik also faced backlash about their stance on this conflict.

How the Israel-Palestine conflict heightened?

Fighting began on 10th may when police entered in Al Aqsa Mosque. People showed resistance. Thus, the situation escalated. Then, Hamas gave a deadline to Israel to withdraw police from the Al Aqsa mosque. After the deadline passed, Hamas launched 4,300 rockets. Then, Gaza was bombed by the air force. Till 21st May, more than 250 people were killed. 90 of them were women and children.

Clashes ended when the Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas took place on 21st May.

Anti-Muslims and Anti-Jews activities are happening now. The Reason? This Israel-Palestine conflict.

Hitler was right trended on Twitter

Similarly, “Death to Palestine” phrase was painted on a mosque in Brooklyn.

What does the future hold for people like Mark Ruffalo?

Now, Mark Ruffalo has apologized for his tweets. But will this stop people to tweet about this conflict?

Many expressed their views on this Israel-Palestine conflict. However, every person faced some sort of backlash. It is unlikely that this conflict will end soon. Therefore, clashes like this will keep erupting. So, Like Mark Ruffalo, people will keep expressing their concerns.

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