Actor Deng Wei, Second Main Lead of “Miss The Dragon.” Complete profile.

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If you have enjoyed the recent Chinese serial “Miss the Dragon” then you may also have searched Google for its second main lead. The serial was recently on air and it was quite in talks for various reasons. One of the main things people are talking about in the drama is the second main male lead Xue Qianxun. People are admiring his superfine looks, flawless skin, and perfect acting skills. Not many people know this actor and people are busy searching on google about him. Here we will tell you everything about Xue Qianxun aka actor Deng Wei.

All you want to know about Deng Wei:

Deng Wei is a Chinese actor and model. His native name is 邓为. The actor was born on February 26, 1995, in Inner Mongolia, China. He is 26 years old and his zodiac sign is Pisces. People also call him Wen Wei. He belongs to the Han ethnicity. As for the height, he is 183 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. This Chinese actor is in contract with Hangzhou culture and creativity Co agency. He is not only an amazing actor but also a fine dancer. Deng Wei has been learning dancing since childhood. Taking advantage of his God gifted charismatic looks he started his career with modeling. However, soon he turned towards acting. Many people think that “Miss the Dragon” is the actor’s first serial. However, he first appeared in “Nine kilometers of love” as a supporting role in 2019.

You can also follow him on Instagram. Here is his Instagram profile.

Xue Qianxun of “Miss the Dragon”

Deng Wei got overnight fame from the Chinese serial “Miss the Dragon.” Although he was not the main lead but received more love and attention than the main characters. Many times in the serial people compared the acting of Dylan Wang (main character) with him. Both the actors had somehow similar roles in the serial, as both were immortals with rigid personalities. However, viewers were quite disappointed by the frozen expressions of Dylan Wang in the serial. On the other hand, Deng Wei done justice to the role with his natural intense expressions. Everyone is swayed by the arrogant personality of Xue Qianxun, the lord of Luofeng Pavilion. It seemed that seriousness is part of his personality.

Xue Qianxun and Qing Qing from the Chinese serial miss the dragon.
Xue Qianxun and Qing Qing in “Miss the dragon”

However, as the serial went on he met the bird elf “Qing Qing” (the Second female lead played by Pan Mei Ye) and his temperament changed. The angry lord Xue Qianxun became considerate and caring towards his lover. The personality transition was so natural and satisfying that everyone fell in love with this character.

His acting skills were more admired when BTS of the serial came out. Viewers found a very different and fun-loving personality of Deng Wei behind the camera. The way he used to tease his co-star and had fun with her, was worth viewing behind the scene. The viral videos of Deng Wei and Pan Mei Ye indicated that both have amazing on-screen and off-screen chemistry. Many times in videos we have seen Pan Mei Ye calling Wei her boyfriend. It was sweet and interesting to view their of-screen couple as well. However, both did not announce any relation and the actor is officially single.

Upcoming dramas of actor Deng Wei

The actor has currently recorded for the new serial “The Beauty Blogger.” He will play a supporting role in the serial. This upcoming Chinese serial is rumored to be on air at the end of 2021. Another serial he has signed is “My Centenarian Sweetheart.” We don’t know much about the serial but it is confirmed that Deng Wei has a support role in this serial as well. Deng Wei’s viewers are eager to see him again in a serial but also hope for him to appear in the main lead. We also wish this rising star to shine brighter in his career as he has both talent and looks.

Deng Wei in the beauty blogger serial

It’s good news for the actor’s fans that soon he is coming back on screen with his serial “The beauty blogger.” This serial is a remake of a popular anime series with the same name. Deng Wei will be playing the role of jack who will be the second main lead of the serial. It’s a love triangle between Si Yan, the 9th prince (Lead role), and Jack. Recently the shooting of the serial has ended and soon the production will announce its release date. Here is the image of Deng Wei from the last day shooting.

Deng Wei on the set of beauty blogger
Deng Wei on the set of beauty blogger

Role of jack (Deng Wei) in the beauty blogger

In C-dramas and K-dramas, it’s normal to accidentally go into another world and getting stuck there. The serial is also based on a similar theme in which a girl is tangled in a game world. The girl Si Yan who is a rich beauty blogger in the real world gets into a coma after an accident. Her conscience leads Si Yan to a game of the virtual world. Jack is the first person she meets in the virtual game. He becomes Si Yan’s guide and helps her. The Harem themed game is the world initially attracted Si Yan. However, when the story proceeds she finds herself in the battle of ranks and positions. Here Jack (Deng Wei) is the one who always stays with Si Yan, cares about her, and fights for her.

Jack in the anime series (left) and Deng Wei playing the role of Jack in serial of the Beauty Blogger
Jack in the anime series (left) and Deng Wei playing the role of Jack in serial of the Beauty Blogger

However, it will be interesting to enjoy that how Si Yan meets the 9th prince and ends up developing feelings for him. It will be also exciting to enjoy what jack will do to win in this love triangle.

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