About the Team

Qammer Ul Zaman

Team Role:
NaeTaze Developer
NaeTaze Designer
Qammer Ul Zaman is the bread and butter of our team. He is the lead developer of our team. He is the one who is behind the design and development of NaeTaze.com. He not only thinks about the design philosophy of our website but also convert that thinking into reality. Moreover he is also one of our team's administrator.

Nadia Ramzan

Team Role:
Senior Author
Miss Nadia Ramzan is the backbone of our team. She is the senior content writer in our team. Writing content is not an easy job and being the senior writer at Naetaze.com she carries a huge responsiblity of not only writing the content but also guiding the other junior writers.

Mamoona Sahar

Team Role:
Miss Mamoona Sahar is also a very committed content writer in our team.

Hasnain Noor

Team Role:
Hasnain Noor is a new and very energetic content writer in our team who loves to explore new things and write about them.

CH. Usman Arshad

Team Role:
SEO Controller
CH. Usman Arshad is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) controller and a member of our SEO team.