7 Great Ways to Celebrate National Tequila Day

7 Great Ways to Celebrate National Tequila Day
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Are there any higher thanks to fancy some blue xerophile juice than bottoms? We tend to can’t consider any. However, we can tell you that there’s an entire day dedicated to things. July 24 suggests National Tequila Day, and National hard liquor Day suggests twenty-four consecutive hours, 1440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds of observance.

Smart times had along with your favorite liquor over salt & lime. Fancy those smart times responsibly, don’t swig that lovely blue xerophile elixir behind the wheel, and browse au fait its storied history in the United Mexican States, the broader yank Southwest, and beyond.

When is National Tequila Day 2022?

National hard liquor Day is widely known on July twenty-four.

History of National Tequila Day

Tequila’s precursor, a milky, frothy xerophile drink called inebriant, dates back to Mesoamerican times circa one thousand B.C. Once autochthonic Mexican tribes would ordinarily harvest and ferment it, it wouldn’t be till the sixteenth century A.D. However, the modern hard liquor we all know and love would be 1st made around a territory of land that wouldn’t formally become called hard liquor till 1666.

That wouldn’t stop Spanish patrician Don Pedro Carlos American state Tagle from gap the world’s 1st hard liquor manufactory sixty-six years previous in Jalisco. The Mexican state is wherever the fashionable town of hard liquor is found.

It positively wouldn’t stop Don Jose Antonio American state Cuervo from starting the primary wine cactus American state hard liquor American state Jose Cuervo in hard liquor over a century later in 1795, parturition the world’s most fortunate hard liquor complete to the current day.

The origins of the hard liquor area unit are fairly well documented. However, sadly, the history of National hard liquor Day’s origins area unit is a bit murkier. Why does it take place on the dates?

It will. Maybe the originators imbibed an excessive amount of on their own provides to recollect. Regardless, common flavor rules that National Tequila Day takes place on July 24 within the U.S. The Mexican Senate dominated in 2018 that their own happens on the third Saturday of each March.

Traditions of The Day

With hard liquor, you decide on the instant. Whether or not you’re a toper, World Health Organization desires to share it with friends or relax during a long work day. National Tequila Day is all concerning enjoying hard liquor.

National Tequila Day Traditions
Whether you love or hate tequila, there’s no denying that it has been around for centuries. Learn about the history of tequila and why it’s so popular today.

Their area unit has many classes of hard liquor — whiten, añejo, reposado, and Joven. That area unit was tested and experimented with by connoisseurs and newbies alike. Contrary to widespread belief, wine isn’t the sole drink that may be paired with food. Hard liquor will, too! You only got to realize the correct meal to enrich it.

Special deals and hard liquor promotions are also on the market at pubs and bars. Therefore make sure to require advantage of them.

By The Numbers

5– the number of regions in the United Mexican States wherever hard liquor is made.

51%– the proportion of the drink that’s derived from blue xerophile.

(8 to 12)–several years take for blue xerophile plants to be harvested.

Seven feet– the utmost height of blue xerophile plants.

5– the number of classifications of hard liquor.

40– the number of latest tequilas introduced in 2012.

2.3– the quantity of hard liquor consumed per adult in N.V. once a year.

9%– the proportion increase in consumption of hard liquor in America in 2019.

1.3 pints– the number of hard liquor Mexicans consume yearly per person.

2 to 12 months–the time it takes to age reposado hard liquor in barrels.

National Tequila Day Activities

Drink up

What higher thanks to celebrating National hard liquor Day than by enjoying the drink that gave the vacation its namesake? Contemplate touching up a replacement space bar or store you haven’t tasted before, and contemplate conveyance some company.

Drink inventively

If you’re even an off-the-cuff drinker, you’re possibly already at home with hard liquor Sunrise, the ever-present cocktail, or the never-fail, classic jazz band of juice and soda.

However, does one acumen combine a Serrano-Spiced Paloma, hard liquor shandygaff brew cocktail, or a dynamic color margarita?

National Tequila Day Activities
National Tequila Day celebrates the spirit of Mexico and its rich history. Get ready to party!

Attempt one thing different this year and select an additional artistic cocktail, whether or not it’s one among the higher than or among the numerous recipes you’ll discover through a fast Google scroll.

Drink responsibly

We’re all for vacation hedonism, sustenance, and enjoying some smart times within the company of friends and treasured ones. However, please do therefore responsibly.

We tend to cannot stress this enough. Suppose you’ve had several rounds too several to hop behind the wheel. Don’t be afraid to hail a chosen driver, Uber, Lyft, or a cab, to assist you in getting home safely.

5 Facts Concerning Hard Liquor or Tequila

5 Facts Concerning Tequila
There are many ways to enjoy National Tequila Day. Check out these ideas!

It takes time

Many liquors area unit aged. However, the xerophile plant alone desires 8-12 years of growth before farmers will harvest and ferment it into hard liquor.

Tequila: not forever, xerophile

While it’s true that almost all tequilas area units are derived from xerophile plants, Sotol tequilas are derived from the same Mexican plant with a milder and nuttier style called “Desert Spoon.”

Popular Mexican export, widespread yank import

Undoubtedly, the U.S. is the biggest recipient of Mexican hard liquor exports at 204 million liters in 2019; that’s over forty times more imports than even a rustic like Germany!

Tequila farmers should study the blade.

Agave is harvested with a special knife tool called a Coa American state Jima. Also, the farmers were tasked with harvesting home area units called Jimadors.

It’s the things of (slinky) urban legends.

The “tequila worm” is found largely at an all-time low of cactus bottles, the same spirit, and its “additive effects” area is suspected to be a selling ploy story.

Why do we tend to Love National Tequila Day?

It’s each day of affection for the labor of affection.

As we’ve mentioned before, the blue xerophile plant should grow nearly a decade before being meticulously, fastidiously harvested by hand to form hard liquor.

It may also be mature in 5 regions of the world – all of that area units in the United Mexican States. As you appreciate the made tastes of your hard liquor or alternative, appreciate the made history and agricultural work that went into creating that hard liquor.

It’s common, nevertheless, therefore distinctive.

There’s no shortage of hard liquor cocktails and recipes that you will throw along. It will be, therefore, distilled and mixed into a large type of craft mix.

However, hard liquor’s earthy style is solely exclusive to hard liquor spirits and tequila spirits. Is it any surprise that there’s a whole day dedicated to its marvelous flavor?

It’s utterly regular.

If you’re celebrating the Mexican incarnation of National hard liquor Day, you’ll forever be celebrating on a Saturday. If you celebrate the yank iteration, you’ll celebrate over a weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 24) for three years! Is there any higher time to own a decent time?

National Tequila Day FAQs

Is National Tequila Day an upscale holiday?

While many expensive spirits are running anywhere from several hundred (or few thousand) bottles, that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheaper quality bottles on the market. If you’re firmly bent intemperateness on a budget, find the simplest tequilas below $20 and see for yourself.

Is National hard liquor Day AN actual holiday?

In a legal, federally-recognized sense, no, not within us presently. However, whereas you almost certainly won’t get off of labor from it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t in person acknowledge it, though!

Is hard liquor diet friendly?

Yes! Pure spirits will be carb-free, protein-free, kosher, and keto!

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