60 Hours to Glory: Biggest Military Reality Show by ISPR

60 Hours to Glory: Biggest Military Reality Show by ISPR
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If you want to know about ISPR New Project 60 Hours to Glory, then you have found the Right Article. The big news is here for Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Inter-services Public Relations (ISPR) and Hum tv have once again collaborated. This time, they are teaming up to bring the biggest Military Reality Show in history on your television. Previously, ISPR and Hum tv teamed up and created one of the biggest Pakistani shows Ehd-e-Wafa. This Military adventure program is a unique show on its own with exceptional tasks and sensational talents. 8 National and 4 International Teams are part of this Prestigious competition. Read the article to know about This Amazing show, and how YOU can be a part of It by answering simple questions.

1)60 Hours to Glory | A Gift for Military and Entertainment Fans from ISPR
2)What is Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS):
3)Details about Episodes of ISPR sponsored Military Reality show:
4) Teams participating in 60 hours to glory: Both International & National Teams
5)How Can YOU become a Part of ISPR Military Adventure Sports?

ISPR Sponsored show- 60 Hours to Glory | A Gift to Military and Entertainment Fans:

ISPR increased the excitement of entertainment and military fans by releasing the Promo of the Show on 5 June 2021. The Host of this Reality Show is Fakhre Alam.

In this first Promo, Fakhre Alam and DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar were seen commentating.

60 hours to glory is featuring Eight national teams and four International Teams. Both indoors and outdoors tasks are given. This Show is also portraying Pak Army’s Tough training that will also show the world “Why we are the Best”.

The 60 hours long event includes vigorous tasks and scenarios like:

1) Night Navigation

2) Minefield clearance

3) Physical endurance

4) Water Obstacle crossing, And Many more!

The events of PATS-21 have been shot in real-time. The competition is intense with every team giving their best in each task. For the first time ever, this competition is airing on TV for the general public. So, understandably people are showing interest in it.

What is Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS):

To test Tactical skills in Professional and Physical domains and to judge responses generated in Tough Real-time battlefield scenarios, Pakistan Army Test Spirit (PATS) is conducted.
PATS started in 2015 and gained popularity right after it started. With time, it evolved into one of the challenging and most exciting Tactical exercises in the World. Therefore, it provides an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase their skills.

Details about Episodes of ISPR sponsored Military Reality show-60 Hours to Glory:

This sensational Reality show will have 25 episodes in total. These are scheduled to be released twice a week on weekends. Thus, clear your weekend plans to see this reality program.

In the first Episode, Fakhr Alam introduced the Team managers, who are also gold medalists, to the viewers. They established the secret of their success which lies in their performance in PATS. That is why people e this show- to hear things like that.

As of yet, All the episodes released are full of Thrills and High-intensity. Hence, The innovative and adventurous tasks in this competition are what make it worth watching.

You can enjoy online Episodes of 60 Hours to Glory on:

1) Hum Tv

2) PTV

3) ISPR YouTube Official Channel

4) The Official Website of the Show: https://www.60hourstoglory.com.

Teams Participating in 60 Hours to Glory:

Both International and national teams are participating in this competition.

A) International Teams:

According to ISPR, Four International Teams are part of this event. Teams are participating from countries are:

Logos of International teams participating in 60 hours to glory including teams of Jordan, Siri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and turkey
Logos of International teams participating in 60 hours to glory
  1. Jordan

2) Sri Lanka

3) Turkey

4) Uzbekistan

But that’s not it!

In addition to this, the Armies of Indonesia, Tajikistan, Morocco, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan are joining in as observers. Thus, it is a must-enjoy program.

B) National Teams:

8 National Teams participating in this show are:

1) Multan Charging Bulls

2) Lahore Tazi-o-Tund

3) Rawalpindi Pasban

4) Quetta Hingorians

5) Karachi Zinda Dil

6) Bahawalpur Thunders

7) Gujranwala Sarfarosh

8) Mangla Zilzaal

National teams captains and logos of reality show 60 hours of glory, Lahore Tazi-o-Tund, Karachi Zinda Dil, Gujranwala Sarfarosh, and Bahawalpur Thunders
National teams captains and logos of Lahore Tazi-o-Tund, Karachi Zinda Dil, Gujranwala Sarfarosh and Bahawalpur Thunders

1) Multan Charging Bulls:

Multan Charging Bulls are a history-maker team. They own the Legacy of being one of the Greats. Multan Charging Bulls have beaten all International Teams including Indian and USA teams in Cambrian patrol and won the first gold medal for Pakistan. They are the Pioneers and literary “Charging Bulls” on the field. The name “Charging Bulls” was given to them by the Enemy during the 1971 War. They have a history of sacrifices and their first commander is a Shaheed in the 1971 war. Multan Charging Bulls is competing in PATS for a long time due to its operational activities.

The Charging Bulls Patrol leader is Lieutenant Huzaifa. Other team members are Sepoy Fayyaz Ahmed, Havaldar Mohammad Amin, Sepoy Abu Saeed, Sepoy Ilyas Zaidi, Havaldar Zahoor Gul, Sepoy Saqib Nawaz, and Sepoy Jawad Khan.

2) Lahore Taiz-o-Tund:

Lahore Taiz-o-Tund is one of the toughest teams with great tactical skills, physical and mental endurance, and battlefield scenario performances. They are “Must See” whenever they are on the ground. Furthermore, all members are full of Patriotism, dynamism, and determination.

Lahore Taiz-o-Tund Patrol leader is Captain Kashif. Other team members are Havaldar Syed Mudassir Ali, Naik Mohammad Khalid, Havaldar Mudassir, Sepoy Kamran, Havaldar Raja Irfan, Sepoy Muhammad Khan, and Naik Noman Muhammad.

3) Rawalpindi Pasban:

Rawalpindi Pasban is once again participating in the competition. They have proved to be one of the toughest in the show and are capable of doing any tactical skills. Not only that, they can perform brilliantly in battle-field scenarios.

The team’s Patrol leader is Core Trophy winner Lieutenant Ibrahim Awan. Other members are Havaldar Fakhar, Lance Naik Bilal Hameed, Mohammad Yasin, Lance Naik Aamir Hussain, Lance Naik Safdar Sattar, Naik Saleem, and Lance Naik Imran.

4) Quetta Hingorians:

Quetta Hingorians has been participating in Army’s PATS competition for two years. This team also represented Pakistan at Cambrian Patrol in 2019. Professionalism and Physical endurance are their two defining characteristics.

The Patrol leader for Quetta Hingorians is Captain Uzair Hassan. Other team members are Havaldar Farhan, Naik Mohammad Javaid, Sepoy Syed Salar Haider, Lance Naik Naseeb Ullah, Lance Naik Ahmar Sardar, Lance Naik Yaseen, and Lance Naik Azeem.

National teams captains and logos of Mangla Zilzaal, Quetta Hingorians, Multan Charging Bulls, and Rawalpindi Pasban
Mangla Zilzaal, Quetta Hingorians, Multan Charging Bulls, and Rawalpindi Pasban

5) Karachi Zinda Dil:

Like Karachi’s other Name “City of Lights”, Karachi Zinda Dil has given shining performances in the PATS competition. Their tactical skills are one of the best in the game. They also have exceptional skills when it comes to battle-field scenarios.

Karachi Zinda Dil Patrol leader is Captain Arslan Zahir. Other team members are Havaldar Imran Khan, Naik Ghulam Abbas, Lance naik Zahid Mehmood, Lance Naik Tajammul, Lance Naik Ibrar Ahmed, Lance Naik Waqas Ali, and Lance Naik Mohammad Imran.

6) Bahawalpur Thunders:

They are known to achieve Unbelievable results in this tough competition. They have the ability to generate apt responses to any challenge and any task. Furthermore, Passion and glory run in their blood. So, their performances in battlefield scenarios are amazing.

The Patrol leader of Bahawalpur Thunders is Captain Muneeb. Other team members are Safdar Faheem, Mohsin Ahmed, Kamran Mehmood, Sepoy Zeeshan, Sepoy Iqbal Shah, and Lance naik Kaleem.

7) Gujranwala Sarfarosh:

They are known to perform best in challenging environments. Members are full of professionalism, energy, passion, determination, and sense of purpose. In addition to this, They have a glorious history as well. In 1971 war Major Anees and in 2007 operation Al Mizan his son Major Tariq Anees embraced Shahadat.

The Patrol Leader of Gujranwala Sarfarosh is Captain Mohammad Mazhar. Other team members are Havaldar Rasool Baksh, Havaldar Farhat, Naik Asim Butt, Naik Mohammad Waqas, Naik Jameel, Lance naik Abdul Basit, and Lance Naik Rameez Ahmed.

8) Mangla Zilzaal:

Mangla Zilzaal is participating in PATS 2021 for the 3rd time Zilzaal’s as a team is capable of performing in every terrain and climate condition. They fight on foot and are lethal against any hindrances. Whether it is endurance, tactical skills, or real-time battlefield scenarios, Mangla Zilzaal has been one of the best teams in PATS.

The team Patrol leader is Captain Ali Raza. Other team members are Naik Kashif Imran, Sepoy Mushtaq, Sepoy Ramzan, Sepoy Ghulam Abbas, Sepoy Raheem, Lance Naik Bilal, and Havaldar M. Ishtiaq.

How Can YOU become a Part of ISPR Military Adventure Sports?

One of the most important aspects of this show is that even the general public can be a part of this. The public has to answer that question if they want to be a part of The training. So, be attentive when this part comes on Tv. You can submit your answer on their Official Website.

To answer the question, you have to do three things:

1) Register your email.

2) Then You will be asked to verify that email.

3) After that, Complete your profile details.

  • You can answer the question only once. So, be careful when you answer the question.

Not every person with a correct answer can be a part of this. Only the lucky ones will win Prizes and “The Lucky Winner” will be called to the Kakul Academy and Eagle’s Nest Cherat Exciting Bootcamps. There, they will Take Part in training with Pak Army cadets.

You can do the following exciting things in the Bootcamps:
1) Paragliding

2) Archery

3) Sky Bridge Zipline

4) Firing

5) SSG Museum

6) Rock Climbing

7) Water Sports club activities.

8) Rappelling

9) Parasailing

10) Crevic Xing.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, 60 hours to Glory is one of the best shows airing on Pakistani Tv at the moment. Not only that, but it is also the biggest Military Reality Show in the whole world. Every second of this competition is worth watching. You can also be a part of this if you are lucky enough. All you have to do is answer the Question asked in the General Public segment. We wish you the Best of Luck!

Also, Don’t forget to tell us How you feel about this show. COMMENT your opinion in the comment section below!

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