Defence Day 6 September – The Victory of Pakistan

Defence Day 6 September - The Victory of Pakistan
⟶ Defence Day 6 September - The Victory of Pakistan
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Defence Day 6 September is celebrated yearly in memory of the sacrifices the Pakistani armed forces made in the war of 1965. One of the remarkably memorable occasions held in Pakistan’s history is on 6th September, also known as Defence Day. Here, in this article, the reasons behind ‘what happened on 6th September 1965? And why is Defence Day 6 September 1965 important in the history of Pakistan?’ are discussed.

The Extensive History of Defence Day 6 September 1965 (The Kashmir War)

The indigenous Kashmiris began their bloody battle for independence in August 1965 in the region of Jammu and Kashmir that India had unjustly seized. Consequently, to divert the world’s attention from the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and the Kashmiris’ struggle for their freedom, India started ceasefire violations across the ceasefire line (CFL). Ultimately, these violations had turned into military operations between the Indian and Pakistan armies. Although the Indian army suffered reverses, the operations remained confined to the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Lahore Attack

At 3:00 AM on 6th September 1965, the Indian army crossed Pakistan’s international frontiers without a formal declaration of war. On 6th September 1965, the enemy invaded our borders, intending to breach the assaulted areas. It was in response to Pakistan’s military assault in India-occupied Kashmir. They were mainly targeting the Lahore, Sialkot, and Sindh desert areas. The war continued until 23 September 1965 when both sides agreed to a ceasefire supervised by the United Nations.

Pakistan Army in Action

Pakistan army in action - NaeTaze
Pakistan Army in Action Defence Day 6 September

The Indian army planned to capture Lahore on the morning of 6th September 1965, and the Indian army’s high command had declared that they would capture Lahore and have breakfast in the Jimkhana Club of Lahore. On that day, the Pakistani nation and the Armed forces rose to the occasion and defended Pakistan with good unity, spirit and bravery. The armed troops bravely fought for the country. To defend Lahore, Major Aziz Bhatti and his troops stood like a rock, fought like lions, and did not allow the enemy to get near Lahore. Major Aziz Bhatti embraced Shahadat and was awarded Nishan-Haider. Thus, the dream of the Indian army having breakfast in Jimkhana Club, Lahore, was blown away.

Sialkot Attack

Two days after the initial assault, India used its armored division and other lethal forces to capture Sialkot on 8th September. In the major tank battle in Chawinda, Sialkot and Pakistani tank formations fought bravely and caused severe damage to the enemy, and the Indian tank units had to retreat. Pakistan launched a counterattack south of Lahore immediately after the Sialkot incident, seizing the Indian territory of Khem Karan and surrounding areas. As a result, the Indian army confronting Lahore’s rear was in grave danger.

Achievements of Pakistan during the 1965 War

The Pakistan Air Force and Navy fought with exemplary bravery and almost crippled the Indian Air and Naval assets/bases. By continuously unleashing airstrikes from Pathankot to Agra for these two days, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) also made life difficult for the adversary. Clenbuterol cycle length In addition to the collateral damage brought on by the nighttime bombardment, the PAF lost just six Pakistani planes while destroying 50 Indian aircraft and damaging eight more.

Operation Dwarka and Operation Somnath

Pakistan Navy’s significant role in the Indo-Pak War – 1965 was launching ‘Operation Dwarka.’ On 7th September, seven battle-tested, competent ships with twenty-four guns were sent to Dwarka by the Pakistan Navy. Although Dwarka was enforcing a blackout and could only be located by radar, the lighthouse offered the task force the ideal reference point for navigation. Each ship was permitted to fire fifty rounds of high-caliber ammunition while conducting “Operation Somnath.” The ship started firing from a range of 5.5 to 6.3 miles away, narrowing the gap. This action was held for approximately 4 minutes and forced to leave the region.

Indian navy army authorities confirmed the damage caused by this operation on 8th September when they inspected the damages at Dwarka. They discovered the radar station demolished, the adjoining cement plant damaged, around fifty people dead, and the runway used for INS Vikrant aircraft test flights at the naval air station destroyed. According to the Indian navy’s official account, the Pakistani navy’s attack on Dwarka was a remarkable success. In addition, Indian air raids in Karachi were repelled, implying that the radar station was utterly knocked out.

End of the War of 6 September 1965

The opponent had suffered severe physical harm and mental suffering. A major diplomatic effort to halt the violence was conducted under the auspices of the United Nations, and peace went into force on September 23, 1965.

Martyrs of the Defence Day 6 September

Martyrs of defence day - NaeTaze
Martyrs of Defence Day 6 September
1Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed
2Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed
3Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed
4Rashid Minhas Shaheed
5Major Shabbir Shareef Shaheed
6Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed
7Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed
8Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed
9Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed
10Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed
11Saif Ali Janjua Shaheed
Martyrs of Defence Day 6 September

Defence Day 6 September Celebrations

On Defence day 6 September, Several military parades and activities are arranged throughout the nation. Military parades have also seen the latest innovations and advancements in modern tactics. On Defence day 6 September, test launches of recently created weapons also take place. The apparent purpose of these activities is to celebrate our veterans and to highlight our military strength. Social media and television also show the bravery of Defence day on 6 September.

On the event of Defence day 6 September, the Pakistani military displays its most recent weapons, missiles, helicopters, tanks, and tools used by engineers, electrical corps, medical corps, mechanical crops, army service corps, and army air defence. Anyone may view such events live by visiting designated locations.

Additionally, national television channels air these programs. National songs, notable documentaries about Defence day 6 September, and the stories of those martyred on Defence day 6 September are seen on television. The event is memorized and described in detail how individuals gave their lives to ensure the nation’s safety and acknowledge how the next generation, the children of Pakistan’s future, must shoulder the responsibility.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have further queries related to “Defence day 6 September” in your mind, the following questions might be a helping hand

1. What happened on 6th September 1965?

The Indian Army attacked Pakistan’s Lahore region on 6 September 1965 without a formal notice.

2. Why does Pakistan celebrate Defence Day?

Every year on September 6, we celebrate Defense Day to honor and commemorate the sacrifices of our military services throughout the years to keep us safe from harm and maintain our independence.

3. Who was the Pakistan army chief during the 1965 war?

Musa khan was the Pakistan army chief during the 1965 war.

4. Why is 6 September important in the history of Pakistan?

Every year on September 6th, Pakistan celebrates Defence of Pakistan Day to honor the courageous citizens who gave their lives protecting their country during the 1965 War.

5. Why is 6th September a Defence Day?

On September 6, 1965, Indian soldiers crossed the international border to invade Pakistani Punjab in retaliation for Pakistan’s Operation Grand Slam, which was aimed against Jammu. Pakistan’s military stood as if made of iron and fiercely engaged in the 1965 battle.

6. How can we make the Defence Day 6 September event memorable?

There is never too late to honor and salute our country’s heroes. We should also spread the word about their importance and online activities and consider the military’s significance and constitutional status in our conversations with family and friends. If that motivates young people to join the army and serve the country selflessly, it will be a good outcome.

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