6 Best Hair fall Treatment for females that they Should Try!

6 Best Hair fall Treatment for females You Should Try!
⟶ Best hair fall treatment for females.
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Are you facing a hair fall problem for a long time and now looking for a solution? Don’t worry you’ve clicked on the right website! Let me first tell you it’s not only your problem alone. Millions of people face it but don’t know what to do to prevent it. Hair is necessary as it not only enhances the beauty of a person but also makes them attractive. Everyone loves hair on their scalp.

But nowadays with the increase of hustle of life, hair loss (Alopecia) has become a common problem. Although its treatment is very time-consuming still hair loss can be prevented. There are many possible causes for hair loss, by addressing these reasons we can easily treat the hair fall problem. Check out Hair fall treatment for females to bring their hair back to life!

Hair fall treatment for females.
You can reverse hair fall with the proper guidance.

Hair Fall Treatment for Females:

1) Malnutrition:

Hair fall may be caused due to crash diets and starving yourself in order to lose weight. Our hair needs all of the vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy and 2-3 liters of water every day. Our hair, skin, and nails are all indicators of how healthy we are. You should eat food that has a rich amount of fiber, minerals, and protein. You can also take vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

Not many people are aware that excessive hair fall can be an indication of an underlying medical condition most commonly iron deficiency. So the first thing you need to do is walk into your nearest clinic and get your hemoglobin
level check, On deficiency, take a suitable medicine prescribed. You can also have iron pills also called iron supplements as per the recommendation of your doctor. Two to three months are required to get rid of iron deficiency completely so you need to be patient.

2) Hair oil massage:

This is one of the most effective remedies in order to reduce hair fall. It stimulates new hair growth. Hair oil massage not only increases blood circulation but also reduces stress which is another reason for hair fall. Do hair oil massage twice a week and it will improve your hair strength. Always massage your scalp with lukewarm oil. This is an important hair fall Treatment for females.

Hair fall treatment for females.
hair oil massage is one of the best solutions for hair fall.

3) Using wrong products:

Using wrong products such as shampoo, conditioner can also harm your hair. Always use a shampoo that is sulfate-free and paraben-free. These are chemicals and detergents which your hair does not need. These chemical products are also very expensive.

They do not help you get rid of hair fall instead they will harm your hair There is also one myth surrounding the shampoo that is to use the same shampoo throughout your life which is not true. Always buy a shampoo that addresses your hair type or hair issue such as oily, dry, dandruff, hair fall, etc

Moreover, avoid chemical treatments such as coloring, styling, rebonding, straightening, curling, etc. There is always one golden rule which you must follow. It is to never do two chemical treatments at once. If you’ve colored your hair, then don’t straighten it and if you have straightened your hair don’t color it.

Because doing two chemical treatments at once strains your hair further and completely damages your hair. You may think some treatments are good for your hair e.g keratin treatment helps you get straight hair but these treatments may harm your hair permanently as they contain a high amount of Formaldehyde.

4) Use Conditioner, and Apple Cider Vinegar and Hair Packs:

Conditioner is very important to avoid dry and dull scalp. What a moisturizer is to your skin, is exactly what a conditioner is to your hair. Just make sure to apply the conditioner from the midsection towards the end of your hair and No! Conditioner does not cause hair fall. After you’ve done washing your hair make sure to last rinse it with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. This helps in restoring the pH balance of the hair. It gives incredible shine and also helps keep dandruff at bay.

Also, hair packs moisturizing, and taking care of your hair not only makes your hair stronger but also helps in reducing breakage. Every weekend, try to apply some form of hair packs to your hair. Either you can buy a hair pack or you can make your own hair mask at home using aloe vera, eggs, and coconut milk. The use of fenugreek water and rice water is also a very effective natural home remedy for hair fall. A protein mask containing egg and yogurt with coconut oil (optional) is also very beneficial against hair fall.

5) Avoid Stress:

Dermatologists and every health book writer have always considered stress as the main cause of hair fall. These are few ways by which you can relieve your stress such as meditation, getting enough exercise, having a hobby which you love, and the next thing is getting enough sleep. With the increase in internet activities and the entertainment channels that our phone provides, sleep becomes our last priority, and not getting enough sleep results in havoc on your hair and who knows this might be the reason for your hair fall.

6) Brushing your hair:

Brushing your hair can also be an effective home remedy for hair fall. Because hair fall is not just your hair that falls from your scalp but it’s also the breakage of hair due to knots. Have you ever noticed your hair on a windy day? Or when you have a bike ride with your hair open? Next time must notice the number of knots that develop on your hair and when you try a lot of breakages. So always carry a rubber band, clip, and comb in your bag pack all the time. Brushing your hair also helps distribute the natural oil secreted by your scalp to the rest of your hair. Hence, put a comb on your hair people!

Final Words:

To conclude, you have to work hard to maintain the beauty of your hair. These are only a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy because sometimes, it is these small things that make all the difference. So here’s hoping that these tips and tricks help you and you have beautiful hair in no time. Improvement of hair takes time but “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”. We hope that you will follow these tips as a hair fall treatment for females. Do comment what you think about these tips in the comments s section down below!

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