5 Reasons why Facebook dominates Social Media.

Facebook dominates social media- Here’s what you need to Know!
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Mark Zuckerberg, who is the owner of Facebook Inc, falls under the list of Top 5 richest men. How he made that much money? He owns 4 of the 5 most used social media apps- Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Every App Mark Zuckerberg owns is used by over 1 billion people. Hence, there is no match for Zuckerberg in this industry. When we look at the statistics, it is clear that Facebook dominates social media.

Latest Stats about Facebook:

Currently, 2.79 billion people use Facebook monthly according to Statista. Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp and over 1 billion people use Messenger. Statista surveyed social media giants. According to their survey, 73 percent of people who participated in the poll use Facebook. YouTube was second, followed by Instagram and Messenger. Thus, no one can match the dominance of Mark Zuckerberg’s Apps.

A case of monopoly was initiated against Facebook in the USA but was dismissed on 29 June 2021. Not only that, after the dismissal of the case, Facebook became a 1 trillion-dollar company.

Why Facebook dominates the Social Media landscape?

There are many reasons why Facebook is the Best Social Media Platform.

1) It is available in different languages:

This social media platform is available in many languages. Thus, people who don’t understand English can still use this social media platform in their native language. This move has popularized facebook among third-world countries as well.

2) It facilitates your Business:

Your Ads are shown in a specific location to a specific group of people. This helps in increasing connectivity with potential customers. Its advertisement is affordable when we compare prices with electronic media.

3) It helps you analyze your results:

Everything about your post can be analyzed via Facebook Business insights. How many people saw the post, how many reacted, etc., every information is available there. Thus, Facebook provides necessary feedback on campaigns.

4) It grasps your attention:

On average, a person spends 40 minutes on Facebook. Hence, Facebook has the charm to grasp your attention and hold you on its website.

5) Facebook is growing:

There are almost 2.8 billion users of Facebook monthly- most by any social media. Facebook is growing with time. More and more people are joining Facebook. Therefore, due to its growth rate, experts are describing the social media giant as one of the most important social media apps.

All these benefits of Facebook are making it the most attractive social media platform among others. That is why Facebook is expanding with each passing month. Right now, almost 2.8 billion people use This social media monthly. According to an estimate, Facebook will reach 3 billion users soon. 3 billion very soon. Therefore, after Analyzing all these numbers, it is safe to say that Facebook dominates Social Media.

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