4-reasons Why should you drink water to lose weight?

Drink Water to Lose Weight
⟶ Drink Water to Lose Weight
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How to Drink Water to Lose Weight?
How to Drink Water to Lose Weight?

If you want to know about the reasons for losing weight, you have stumbled upon the right article. Many of us don’t know how to manage better life hacks for good functioning routine life. Mostly, people follow the diet plan and do hard workouts to lose weight. What if I tell you It is also possible without doing such annoying things. To your surprise,  without following any diet plan or strenuous exercise, you can lose weight by only drinking water. But how does this happen? To know the compelling reasons, stay till the end with us.

Water helps in reducing overall liquid calorie intake

                As a result of water containing no calories, fill your glass rather than a high-calorie product like juice, soda, or decrease your overall liquid calorie intake like water over the high calories liquid intake.

Also interesting; though diet soda contributes no-calorie, commutation diet beverages with water are also helpful for weight loss inbound individuals’ teams. In 2015, a study discovered that overweight and weighty ladies WHO replaced beverages with water when the most meal showed more significant weight reduction.

Replacing even many high-calorie drinks with water could have semipermanent weight-loss advantages. During a study from 2015, whereas attending a 6-months weight loss program, feminine participants drank 250 cubic centimeters of water when lunch daily. They lost 13.6 % additional weight than those who drank identical beverages when lunch within the same program.

  Water stimulates your metabolism:

                drinkable stimulates your body’s metabolism and energy expenditure, ultimately serving to with weight management. (Huggins)

Thermogenesis or heat production is stirred by drinkable once the body is chilled. The body should pay energy to lift the fluid to blood heat. Quicker is that the metabolism once additional energy is spent by our body.

Our brain additionally depends on water to figure expeditiously. It’s composed of seventy-three of water. Even slight dehydration could impair your performance level in any task which needs attention, physical movement, and memory talent.

Drinking water additionally helps you keep energized and refill by stimulating the expansion of red blood cells, comparatively glowing skin removing wastes, controlling pressure, serving throughout workouts, and far additional.

Water helps in burning fats:

Water is also essential in burning fats. All metabolic reactions, including fat burning, take place in the presence of water. Our body burns fat naturally, and it needs water, and this process is called lipolysis.

 The first step of lipolysis is hydrolysis, which proceeds when the water molecule reacts with triglycerides to create glycerol and fatty acids. Lipolysis is about how fat is broken down in our body and metabolism is sped up and regulated.

 Drinking enough water is helpful to burn fat; either we take it in our food or storing it in our body.

According to the studies from 2016, An increase in water consumption can lead to more lipolysis, which leads to more burning of fats. It could be beneficial in losing weight.

Water cleans your body of toxins:

Water is also essential for flushing toxins from our body which is called detoxification that involves our liver and kidneys. If the body is full of toxins, it would be difficult for you to lose weight.

 Our excretory system removes the toxic waste to our body, which may be ammonia, urea, and some salts. When our body is dehydrated, kidneys cannot perform the filtration of wastes from our body.

Staying hydrated is also helpful in strengthing our immune system and decreasing sickness. It also helps reduce swelling and keeps our bodies clean.

Moreover,  Having 8 ounces of water or more in the morning can also reduce headaches. Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps clean our skin, like removing acne.  Also, it increases metabolic rate by 24%. That is why it is crucial to be hydrated.

How much should I drink water to lose weight?

How many bottles should I drink to lose weight? How many glasses of water should I drink per day, or how many ounces of water should I drink? The answer to all these questions depends upon the different factors which may be

Weight  (More bodyweight requires more water to burn fats while less stored fats require less water.)

Age ( Age, relatively also a contributing factor for water requirement. It varies in each age group from early childhood to the elderly.)

Health Status ( When you are healthy, your metabolism works efficiently. When you are ill, your metabolism has some problem that prohibits proper functioning. So, health status is also a considering factor)

Workouts (When you do strenuous exercise, your metabolism works fast, including increased functioning of different body systems such as circulatory, respiratory, nervous system skeletal system increasing demand of water.)

Metabolism ( If your metabolism actively utilizes water, alternatively you need more water intake)

Exposure to temperature (If your body is exposed to temperature, it will increase sweating, resulting in more water intake. In contrast, less water is used by the body in cold conditions.)

According to different studies, it may be  8-10 glasses of water or 1-2 liter of water per day. The amount of water you utilize varies from person to person.

Similarly, The amount of water you drink per day determines the fat you store in your body. Drinking a lot of water helps your liver to convert fat into energy efficiently.

Contrarily, Drinking little water makes your liver change fat into energy at a slower speed; excess fat is deposited into your body. So, Drink more water, and store less fat.

When to drink water to lose weight?

 Sometimes we are confused about whether we are hungry or thirsty. The best time to drink water is the morning with an empty stomach. It stimulates, stimulating red blood cells’ growth and filling you with energy.

 In addition to this,  It also helps you eat less because it sends a stimulus to the brain to eat less when the stomach is full.

Contrarily, when you drink less water, your body does not properly digest and absorb the nutrients from the food. Thus, Your body craves different food that will increase your food cravings, and you finish up other intake food. It may be solved by potable. Keep your body hydrous.

Moreover, It permits your body to digest food faster, thereby suppressing your food cravings.

Furthermore, don’t drink water when you’ve got eaten your meal. Potable quarter-hour before you eat additionally helps you bent on eat less. thus keep hydrated! Keep energized.


In conclusion, we should always keep hydrous to induce additional health edges. Here area unit some tips we can use to be hydrated:

•             Carry water in a very reusable bottle.

•             Drink further water whereas doing exercise or physical work.

•             Drink further water once it’s heat or sunny.

•             Eat fruits and vegetables containing  high water contents, as well as berries, grapes, melon, celery, cucumber, and lettuce

•             Drink water after you feel tired and headache.


How much do I Drink Water to Lose Weight?

How to Drink Water to Lose Weight?

When to drink water to lose weight?

How much glass should I drink water to lose weight?

Drink Water to lose weight fast! is it helpful?

How much drink water to lose weight per day?

All the questions mentioned above-related drink water to lose weight are answered on this topic.

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