3 Poorest meals of poor countries | shocking poverty foods

Poorest meals that poor countries eat. Top poverty foods
⟶ Poorest meals that poor countries eat. Top poverty foods
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The years 2020 and 2021 have been the hardest for people all over the world. Where COVID-19 has disastrous effects on physical health. Also, social distancing made our lives miserable in many ways. People have missed a lot in quarantine such as fancy dining out, fast foods, and our favorite food outlets. Although some countries have opened restaurants, in many regions, they are still closed.

People had enough simple and home-cooked food that was no fun to eat. The public in many countries is asking the government to allow dining out as they are fed up with simple meals. However, we have never felt that how blessed we are having those simple meals. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 3 poorest meals of countries that will surely open your eyes.

Read the article till the end to get shocking revelations about poverty foods that humans can eat.

Mud cookies of Haiti, one of the 3 poorest meals of poor countries

In a world full of taste and tasteless debates, some people don’t even bother eating mud. Yes, you are reading it right! In the region of Haiti, almost more than 80% of natives are below the poverty line. Haiti is among the countries with the highest death rates. People are dying because of infection, disease, poverty, and hunger. Somehow, it is reasonable that they are not afraid of eating dirt, as this is the only thing they can do to survive. Food rates are touching the sky in this country and they can’t afford the vegetable.

However, here comes the question that how they are surviving on mud? What is the nutritional value the mud can provide to a human? Although soil has no nutritious value, at least it contains some calcium. Calcium in mud can help pregnant women to get some nutrients. However, Haitians are forced to live on it. On the other hand, this poverty food has disastrous effects on the human immune system. And a region where medications are hardly available, it is a risk to play with the immunity. However, when people are already dying from hunger, what makes a difference to take a health risk for survival.

How mud cookies are made?

Women in making mud cookies, it's one of the 3 poorest meals
mud cookies, one of 3 poorest meals

If you want to show some solidarity with Haitian or in case you are wondering how the mud cookies are made, you can follow the recipe here. Haitians usually collect soil from plateaus and mix it with water, butter, and salt. If they want a luxurious meal they usually add a little sugar to it. After mixing all ingredients by hand they leave the cookie batter under the sun for baking. However, if you are baking mud cookies for yourself you can put them in the oven as well. These cookies are hard to swallow and they don’t have enough water to pass down the cookies in the throat.

More to their misery is that these cookies are not free of cost. The edible soil for this mud also has rates that are getting higher as well. Haitian people have to buy 100 cookies for 5 dollars that is also out of their budget. (Well, I am already feeling grateful for the flour cookies that I never counted as a blessing.) But the story of the 3 poorest meals doesn’t end at the mud cookies. Here is another recipe for mud soup as well. Let’s read about the people who are living on muddy meals.

One of the 3 poorest meals, mud food from Madagascar

Amboasary, Madagascar is a region where people satisfy their hunger with mud meal of white clay. The reason behind surviving on this meal is the constant state of famine. Due to a shortage of rain for years, plants rarely grow there. Usually, the people of the village used to service by eating cactus and its flowers. However, for since last, 2 years, the famine has worsened the situation and the cactus are no more.

They have only one thing to eat which is dried tamarind. However, it is harder to fill the stomach with acidic tamarind alone. That is why the natives mix white clay into the water and add tamarind to get some nutrition for survival. 0f course it’s not easy to eat this meal. According to a native:

Only if we could survive merely on our saliva, we would never try to eat mud.

The people living in Madagascar, call their village the region of scattered skeletons. The people are nothing more than skeletons and skin. Due to lack of food, they do not left much energy to work or earn money. It is usual for the whole family to die of hunger and starvation. Another villager revealed that:

We do not bury our dead brothers and sister as we do not have much energy to do so.

link here.

How do people survive on mud, one among the 3 poorest meals

A dish of Mud meal eaten by people of Madagascar
A dish of Mud meal eaten by people of Madagascar

As for the nutrition value, they get some from dried tamarind and clay. However as a result they get swollen bellies and poor digestion. Diarrhea and respiratory infections are quite high. Most of the children die from malnutrition in Madagascar. In case you don’t know how people cook and eat this one of the 3 poorest meals here is the detail.
Villagers usually collect white clay and convert them into pots with the help of heat. These cooking pots are then sold in the market. People buy the clay pots, crush them into powder and add tamarind and water to them. Then they eat the muddy liquid as dinner. It’s the only one-time meal they take to survive.

Venezuela’s rotten meat is one of 3 poorest meals

It is unfortunate that a country once among the wealthiest ones is now on the list of the poor economy and poorest food. Since 2017, the country has faced a dramatic inflation rate that collapsed its economy. It is shocking to know that the inflation rate in 2019 Venezuela heightened to 10 million percent. It means the price of each product has increased to 10 million percent. An average person of Venezuela is not able to afford even toiletries from his one-month salary. Most of the citizens have left the country and those who live there are in miserable conditions.

How Venezuela became the poorest country

It all started when the late president spent billions on social welfare. He wanted to improve education and the healthcare system. To achieve his goals, he spent all the country’s finances on welfare programs. He even took massive loans from other countries for his purpose. As a return, he reduced the oil prices that was the only source of financial income from foreign trading. After his death, the oil prices went lower that collapsed the economy. Now, the whole country is in a miserable situation and even the electricity supply is cut down.

Why people are eating rotten meat in Venezuela

Rotten meat is eaten by the people of Venezuela, one of the 3 poorest meals
Rotten meat eaten by people of Venezuela

The main reason behind eating rotten food is that it is the only thing people can afford there. Due to electricity break down in the whole country they do not have availability of fridges to store meat. So when it is rotten and gets smelly, the butchers reduce the prices. So the people willingly buy the awful decaying food at cheaper rates to satisfy their hunger.

Most of the people are not even able to afford this meal thrice a day. So they usually eat rotten meat once a day and starve the whole day. Fresh meat for a one-time meal can cost them up to 70% of their monthly salary. So people have no choice but to eat foul-smelling stale meat.

As for the taste, we don’t think you would like to know the flavor of smelly meat. Once the country was among one of the highest rates of obesity due to the frequent availability of food. But now the children are starving and people are getting thinner due to malnutrition.

Venezuela is the worst example of “nothing remains forever.” However, we hope that things get better for all the above countries and they do not eat those 3 poorest meals again. At least we hope they can get the simple food that we eat ungratefully every day.
And we also hope that this article will be helpful to be grateful for the blessings we have. If you liked this article or want to share your views on this issue, please leave a comment for us. We would love to hear from you.

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