15-October Global Hand Washing Day

Focus on germs, Don't let germs harm you- A tribute to Global Hand Washing Day
⟶ Don't let germs Harm you ! Wash your hands
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15 October Global Hand Washing Day - NaeTaze
Global Hand Washing Day

Global Hand Washing day is an associate annual international day to simplify handwashing practices effectively and cheaply. But why should we wash hands? Well, to prevent diseases and save lives, give your hands proper washing. Why let the germs cause you any infectious health harm?

Additionally, To harm us, these germs utilize different modes of transmission. Since our hands are one of the primary ways we interact with the World, these germs are primarily present. For focusing on washing, there is a day we celebrate. What is the Global Hand Washing day, and when and how is it celebrated? To know how to let it be done. Stay connected till the end with us.

For the first time, on 15 October in 2008, this day was celebrated when children from 70 different global countries washed their hands which were about 120 million in number. Admittedly as a platform, Global Hand Washing day has raised awareness over the last 13 years and encourages handwashing practices at national and international levels. Additionally, in 2020 global handwashing messages was reached up to 1 billion people.

Global Hand Washing Day Celebration:

Every day, which is celebrated, particularly at the international level, has specific objectives and ways to mark it. It may include campaigns, raising awareness by adopting different methods, arranging meetings, press releases, and conferences, making handwashing day slogans and posters.

Furthermore, Global Hand Washing day practices are utilized in our daily routine life in other processes. In addition, engage multiple audiences and highlight their role in achieving adequate and better hygiene and sanitation at the point of care according to the WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy overall the World. Also, support the implementation of WHO recommendations for global hand hygiene and all initiative in healthcare facilities.

Global Hand Wasing Day Celebration - NaeTaze
Best Method to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day

Global Handwashing day Activities

Hygiene is an essential consideration in places where food is prepared. The food processing should be done by keeping in mind handwashing sanitation and hygiene benefits. For the most part, The threat of pathogens has always existed. And in such cases, our hands are a toolkit.

Rather than be utilized against the germs as a weapon, how? Just washing them. Not only-But also a safety guide day that we can practice with our team to educate and reinforce good hygiene practices with your team. Also, it can be engaged by learning the good and effective way of handwashing and telling others to get its benefits.

Hospital-acquired infections are common in health care while sanitizing, or washing hands is the best way to prevent them from occurring. In our global handwashing day toolkit, we have also made posters to remember the healthcare workers and the hygiene day moments. Last but not least, is to go over proper handwashing with your students in school and apart from this decorating classrooms with posters representing the handwashing models and methods.

World Hand Hygiene Day:

Hygienes are those conditions and practices that promote and preserve the health or conditions promoting sanitary practices. According to the WHO’s latest world survey on implementing national infection interference and management programs, an associate degree imperative must be compelled to scale back inequalities for providing sensible hygiene and alternative. Importantly, good hygiene helps prevent hospital-acquired infection in health care, increasing antimicrobial resistance and other health threats. Also, in ICU, the risk for newborns is between 2 and 20 times more.

Global Hand Washing Day Activities - NaeTaze
Bust germs, wash your hands.

Importance of Global Handwashing Day:

Hand wash is a habit of sanitation and personal hygiene, along with, we can use any soap or liquid to wash hands. Handwash is essential to keep germs away from us. A little more germs can get into the body through the nose, eyes, and mouth, making us sick. Handwash keeps us healthy and free from disease. It is an act of making ourself and surrounding clean.

Also, handwash is essential when it comes to spreading infectious diseases. We must wash our hands after using washrooms. Ensure to wash your hands before eating. Last but not least, washing hands properly and effectively takes 2 minutes, but it can prevent infectious diseases and save many lives.

Future Perspective / Key Challenges :

Crumbling infrastructure and lack of resources are key challenges. According to WHO, it is reported that in the overall World, one in four health care has not had basic water facilities, and also one in three lack hygiene supplies at the point of care. According to the above report conducted in 88 countries, a little bit more, especially the actual implementation regarding hand hygiene and infection prevention programs, was significantly lower in low-income countries than in high and middle-income countries.

In 2018, low-income countries had a 45% functional IPC program compared to middle and high-income countries with 53-71%. The budget dedication in low-income countries was only 5%, while in the case of high middle-high, it was 18% and 50% respectively. Overall, we can say that the Global Hand Washing Day Practices are more applicable in middle and high-income countries rather than in low-income countries.

This handwash action, which takes just a few seconds and saves lives. In addition to this, WHO calls upon all key players around this slogan. From worldwide Seconds save lives – clean your hands!

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