14th June 2021 | Flag Day: a day of glory for the USA

flag day 2021
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14th June is commemorated as the flag day each year. Do you know its back story? Well, the Second Continental Congress, on 14th June 1777, endorsed the stripes and stars design for the USA flag. However, 100 years after the adoption in 1877, the first national observance of the day took place. This was actually a century after adoption.

For national observance of the day, President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, issued a proclamation. However, President Harry Truman in 1949 made the holiday permanent. On July 4th 1960, the flag with fifty stars was raised in Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore, Maryland. The time was exact 12:01 A.M.

Flag of USA
Flag of the USA.

History of the flag day

Old Glory – this is one of the most famous nicknames of the flag. Moreover, this is not just a nickname but is a flag. A historical 17-foot by 10-foot piece of glory that still hangs in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Old Glory belonged to captain William Driver. His mother gave him the flag, and it was a union symbol during Civil War. He voyaged 20 years with the flag beautifying his ship. Before dying, he passed the legacy to his daughter, Jane Roland. Further, He said that,

“This is my old ship flag Old Glory. I love it as a mother loves her child; take it and cherish it as I have always cherished it; for it has been my steadfast friend and protector in all parts of the world — savage, heathen and civilized.”

captain William Driver
Tattered flag of old glory vintage.
Tattered flag of old glory vintage.

Rules to handle the flag

The US Department of Veterans Affairs, Public Law 94-344, explains the rules f handling the US flag with dignity. According to the Federal Flag code’s guide, the flag can be displayed from sunrise to sunset in public.

Make sure during display that the flag is fixed to the pole. However, the pole should be firmly attached to the holder. Furthermore, the flag should not be displayed during harsh weather conditions. It can be displayed in the main building/area of public institutes.

In conclusion, never store a wet flag; it makes the creases permanent. However, the citizens must respect the flag. It is a symbol of dignity and respect for a nation.

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